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July 26, 2011 02:30 ET

Manchester United Expected to Top 80 Points on Way to Another Premier League Title

Sporting Index Release Season Points Markets for New Football Season, Plenty of Sellers of Arsenal's Points at 71

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 26, 2011) - Manchester United will win the league with 81 points although Chelsea, under Andre Villas-Boas, will put up a good fight and finish just two points behind, according to leading spread betting firm Sporting Index.

In anticipation of the Premier League 2011/12 season, which begins on Saturday 13th August, Sporting Index have released their season points totals spreads, predicting how many points each team will score. They reckon Manchester City, with a predicted 75 points, will finish a comfortable third ahead of Arsenal (72 points), who will have to scrap it out with Kenny Dalglish's Liverpool (70 points) for the coveted fourth Champions League spot.

Interestingly, since the spread markets were opened, Sporting Index's football traders have taken many more requests from punters wanting to sell (bet lower) Arsenal's points than those buying (betting higher).

At the other end of the table, Brendan Rodgers' Swansea, promoted via the playoffs, are expected to trail with just 31 points, behind Norwich, expected to notch just one point more.

The spreads suggest that this season will slightly less closely fought as 2010/11, when all but one of the relegated sides were decided only during the final minutes of the season. West Ham finished bottom with 33 points and United won the league with 80 points.

"There's no surprises at the top of the list with Manchester United, Chelsea and Man City all expected to do well again this season, but even we were surprised at the number of people keen to sell Arsenal," comments Sporting Index spokesman Wayne Lincoln. "Our punters perhaps think that this could be the year that Arsenal 'do a Liverpool' and fall away from the Premier League's big guns. The Big Four could become a Big Three."

Premier League Long-term Markets

Premier League Points

Man Utd Points 80 - 81.5
Chelsea Points 78 - 79.5
Man City Points 74.5 - 76
Arsenal Points 71 - 72.5
Liverpool Points 69 - 70.5
Tottenham Points 61.5 - 63
Everton Points 53.5 - 55
Aston Villa Points 47.5 - 49
Fulham Points 46.5 - 48
Stoke Points 46 - 47.5
Sunderland Points 46 - 47.5
Bolton Points 44 - 45.5
Newcastle Points 43.5 - 45
West Brom Points 41.5 - 43
Wolves Points 39.5 - 41
Blackburn Points 39 - 40.5
Wigan Points 37.5 - 39
QPR Points 37 - 38.5
Norwich City Points 31.5 – 33
Swansea City Points 30.5 – 32

Championship Index

Winner = 60pts, Second = 40pts, Third = 30pts, Fourth = 20pts, Fifth = 10pts, Sixth = 5pts. All others = 0.

Man Utd 41 - 44
Chelsea 36 - 39
Man City 29 - 32
Arsenal 21 - 24
Liverpool 18 - 21
Tottenham 7 - 9
Everton 1 - 3
Aston Villa 0.25 - 1
Fulham 0.1 - 0.5
Sunderland 0.1 - 0.5
Stoke 0.1 - 0.5
The Field 0.25 - 1

Relegation Index

Last = 60pts, Second Bottom = 40pts, Third Bottom = 30pts, Fourth Bottom = 20pts, Fifth Bottom = 10pts, Sixth Bottom = 5pts. All others = 0.

Swansea City 32 - 35
Norwich City 30 – 33
QPR 17 - 20
Wigan 15 – 18
Wolves 12 - 15
Blackburn 12 - 15
West Brom 8 - 11
Newcastle 6 - 8
Bolton 5 - 7
Fulham 3 - 5
Stoke 3 - 5
Sunderland 3 - 5
The Field 2 - 4

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