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September 17, 2014 12:33 ET

MannBitesDog Public Relations Installs Digital Art PR Campaign

#GoldenThumbprint Generates Media Buzz

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - September 17, 2014) - The digital age has changed the engagement of business, but now so goes the change of age-old tradition. MannBitesDog Public Relations, the boutique bi-coastal lifestyle public relations firm led by Lori Mann since 2003, has signed the founder and creator of the "Living Art" movement, whose identity will be revealed at a future date. An educational public relations campaign is underway to inform the public of the digital era's modernization of art, led by the mystery artist.

The unnamed artist's concept of "Living Art" utilizes modern technologies (computer programs, pressure sensitive tablets, and high resolution pigment based printers) to create continuously evolving art, a liberating concept that allows artists to take more risks. By way of digital techniques over the permanency of the former technique of oil paint, digital media gives artists the freedom to transform a piece over time. Doing so allows art patrons to feel more connected to the art and the artist behind it, in which "evolved" piece purchases take place once evolution has transpired.

With a social media campaign underway for #goldenthumbprint, industry chatter discusses the arrival of mystery art deliveries by this unnamed artist at different stages of the evolution of his signature pieces. A golden thumbprint in place of a signature plots the artist's identity to soon be discovered, as well as an embossment of the artist's face imprinted on the bottom of each print.

The publicity campaign installed by MannBitesDog PR also includes PR stunts that place the golden thumbprint throughout Los Angeles.

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