March 04, 2011 13:01 ET

Manners Still Matter More Than Accent In Telemarketing, Confirms Phruit

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 4, 2011) - Politeness, courtesy and good manners remain the most important factor in a successful telemarketing campaign despite the myth that specific regional accents are essential, according to Phruit, a leading telemarketing services provider, based on ongoing research by the company. The news follows a recent announcement by Yougov which showed that more than half of people surveyed in its poll would be more receptive based on how someone sounds. Moreover, it's the Queen's English that's favoured by more than 50% of those polled.

The poll also revealed that although the humble regional accent isn't a real no-no – it does depend heavily on the origin of the accent. It showed that the Scottish accent came second favourite with 34% of the vote followed by the 'Geordie' accent at 26%. 'Scousers' and 'Brummies' came in least favourite, both receiving 9% of the vote.

David Coghill from leading telemarketing services provider Phruit Ltd says, "There are schools of thought and polls that have suggested that the success of market research over the telephone can be directly linked to accent. However, at Phruit we believe it's much more important to get the right tone and manner. If the approach is right – with a good, considerate opening line and high level of politeness – people will be responsive regardless of the accent. Most people respond well to courtesy they're shown, so actually it's all about getting that right. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression and that's why we believe in investing in good quality training of call centre staff. For too long, businesses have come into the firing line as a result of poor call centre services which can often give an unfair representation of call centres."

So whether you're Scottish or 'Brummie', Phruit says a good old-fashioned well-mannered approach goes a long way.

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