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Manrex Limited

January 26, 2010 08:30 ET

Manrex Limited: Raising the Bar for Patient Safety-Fraser Health Adopts MDM Technology

British Columbia's Fraser Health Authority implements MDM, Medication Detection Machine in Central Services site to ensure dispensing Accuracy.

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - Jan. 26, 2010) - Manrex Limited is proud to announce that the Fraser Health Pharmacy Drug Distribution Centre has now increased dispensing accuracy while decreasing tech check time (by up to 75%) with the implementation of the MDM, Medication Detection Machine developed by Global Factories of Holland.

The MDM is an automation tool designed to aid in the verification process of packaged medications. It is ideal for any hospital or LTC pharmacy utilizing automated packaging machines. The MDM verifies the contents of each packaged pouch dispensed by automated tablet packagers in seconds, a task which normally takes hours. Not only does it verify the contents, it digitally stores each image and cuts and winds the pouches per patient.

The Fraser Health Authority which currently packages medications for 2,000 long term care residents in British Columbia had no hesitation in adopting this new technology as it became available. "The MDM which we purchased from Manrex Limited one year ago has decreased our checking time from 75 minutes per 100 patients to only 18 minutes, a decrease of approximately 75%" states Linda Morris, Director, Pharmacy Support Services for the Fraser Health Authority. "Not only that, we now have detailed documentation of what has been dispensed, providing accurate workload statistics and allowing improved follow up to nursing staff questions. The integration of the MDM into our process has allowed us to redeploy our highly trained staff from time consuming manual checking tasks and increase the services provided from our central facility, a move they were happy to make."

"Due to our years of experience with automation technology, we knew that pharmacists would soon realize the work flow bottle neck that multi dose packagers create, our next logical step was to find the solution" states Ben Szuuts, Sales Manager for Manrex Limited. "We were extremely excited to partner with Global Factories, the European manufacturer whom has been marketing and selling the MDM for the last several years."

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