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Manson Creek Resources Ltd.

August 22, 2011 09:00 ET

Manson Creek Confirms Mineralized Gossans at the Tell Property, Yukon

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Aug. 22, 2011) - Manson Creek Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:MCK) ('Manson Creek') is pleased to announce geochemical results confirming that the Crystal Springs, Ash Springs and Area 51 natural spring gossan discoveries on the Company's Tell property are strongly mineralized. In addition, recent follow up work on these gossans has led to the discovery of three additional natural spring gossans; Majestic, Corona and Roswell. Results from property wide stream sampling conducted earlier this year have outlined two new, previously unknown, geochemical anomalies that have a similar geochemical signature to the Tell gossan. Manson Creek's Tell property is located immediately south of ATAC Resources Ltd. Rau claims, in the Yukon, and the presence of mineralized gossans is considered very significant as the ATAC Ocelot discovery was made by targeting a natural spring surface gossan with associated strongly anomalous zinc and lead sample results.

Analysis of the samples from the Crystal Springs, Ash Springs, and Area 51 gossan discoveries emphasizes the highly mineralized nature of these zones (Table 1). The soil/silt sample assays returned ranges of 5,792 parts per million (ppm) zinc to greater than 24,500 ppm zinc, 164 ppm to greater than 1,000 ppm nickel, and corresponding highly anomalous arsenic and other pathfinder element values. Three rock samples taken at Ash Springs of lithified, laminated iron rich gossan material returned zinc assays from 19,700 ppm to 27,500 ppm zinc and 0.6 to 1.0 grams per tonne (g/t) silver with high gold pathfinder element values. The silver is considered significant as this is the first time precious metals have been detected in the natural spring gossans.

Table 1. Selected Gossan Sample Results
Location Type and Number of Samples Zinc (ppm ) Nickel (ppm ) Silver (g/t ) Arsenic (ppm )
Crystal Springs 5 Soil Samples 6,005 to 10,700 245 to 883 - 4.0 to 110
Ash Springs 3 Soil/silt samples 10,800 to 24,500 425 to >1,000 - 114 to 358
Ash Springs 3 Rock Samples 19,700 to 27,500 1,056 to 1,591 0.6 to 1.0 10 to 25
Area 51 2 Soil/silt samples 5,792 to 7,315 164 to 734 - 1,149 to 1,654
*Majestic 7 Soil samples 12,500 to 17,700 808 to >1,000 0.1 to 0.2 18 to 33
*Corona 1 Soil sample 15,600 973 0.1 31
Tell zone (Historical sampling) 1 Soil/silt sample 49,600 2,560 0.2 16
Tell zone (Historical sampling) 5 Rock samples 15,700 to 24,900 401 to 526 - 8 to 25
*New Discovery

Two older, inactive mineral spring gossans were identified in the July program but it was decided to await assay data to confirm the occurances. Two of the new zones, Majestic and Corona are 450 meters to the south of the Tell kill zone. The sample data reveals that the Majestic zone contains extremely high zinc values with all seven samples greater than 10,000 ppm zinc. Nickel values are also correspondingly high with two samples reporting over 800 ppm nickel and five samples assaying greater than 1,000 ppm nickel. The Corona gossan returned 15,600 ppm zinc and 973 ppm nickel.

The most recent discovery, the Roswell natural spring gossan, is located between the Ash Springs zone and Area 51 zone along a 600 meter roughly east west linear trend. During the recent field examination of the Ash Springs and Area 51 zones a number of samples were collected from the Roswell zone with the results pending. The discovery of three additional natural spring gossans brings the current total of known gossans on the Tell Property to seven.

Two regional geochemical anomalies have been identified by the property wide stream sampling program Area 15 and Area 13. Each of the anomalies represents a zone of anomalous multi-element values that are remarkably similar to the Tell area gossan discoveries. Area 13 is located approximately 2 kilometers to the west of the Tell Zone with Area 15 located 4 kilometers along strike to the west of the Tell Zone.

Tell Project Background

Manson Creek geologists, prospecting in the area of the original Tell natural spring gossan and vegetation kill zone, have now discovered six new, well developed active and previously active natural spring gossans; Crystal Springs, Ash Springs, Area 51, Roswell, Majestic and Corona. The new discoveries extend over an area 600 meters roughly east-west, from the large Tell Zone and 450 meters north-south. Many of the gossans contain numerous active and previously active spring vents.

Soil and rock samples collected from the Tell Zone, Crystal Springs, Ash Springs, Area 51, Majestic and Corona zones have returned highly anomalous zinc, nickel, lead, arsenic and numerous other gold pathfinder element values. Results from the Roswell discovery are pending. Property-wide stream sampling has outlined two additional, regional geochemical anomalies Area 13 and Area 15.

Manson Creek believes the seven Tell property gossans to be of extreme significance due to the number of successful drill discoveries made on similar gossans in the region. ATAC Resources Ltd.'s Ocelot discovery was made by targeting an undrilled natural spring surface gossan with associated strongly anomalous zinc and lead sample results. Like the Ocelot zone, the seven Tell property gossans are located near regional carbonate units within structurally complex geology in and proximal to the Rackla gold belt. The seven Tell property gossans have never been drill tested and each bears similarities to the Ocelot mineralized occurrence announced by ATAC.

The President of Manson Creek Resources Ltd., Regan Chernish P.Geol., is the Qualified Person responsible for the design and implementation of the Field Programs as well as the preparation of this news release.

Regan Chernish, P. Geol., President and Director

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