Mantra Venture Group Ltd.

Mantra Venture Group Ltd.

July 24, 2012 09:15 ET

Mantra Energy Announces New Patent for its Mixed Reactant Fuel Cell Technology

SEATTLE, WASHINTON--(Marketwire - July 24, 2012) - Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (OTCBB:MVTG)(FRANKFURT:5MV) today announced that its subsidiary Mantra Energy Alternatives Ltd. has secured a British patent for its licensed mixed reactant fuel cell (MRFC) technology. Unlike a conventional fuel cell that uses a complex system with expensive membranes to keep fuel and oxidant from mixing together, Mantra's licensed MRFC technology reduces cost and complexity by feeding the fuel and oxidant to the fuel cell in a single stream.

As disclosed in British Patent CB2474202, of 18 July 2012 "Mixed reactant flow-by fuel cell" the MFRC The mixed reactant fuel cell licensed by Mantra uses a mixture of a liquid fuel and a gas oxidant. In laboratory tests at the University of British Columbia, this new design has shown promising results,, that bring the technology closer to commercial viability.

Two fuel cells designs based on the MRFC concept are currently under development.

  • The first uses a flat sandwich design in which the fuel and oxidant (liquid/gas) mixture passes through a flow channel between flat electrodes.
  • The second is a compact cylindrical configuration in which the components are rolled inside a pipe to form a Swiss-roll mixed-reactant fuel cell (SR-MRFC).

Mantra's development of an alternate fuel cell has direct synergies with its carbon capture and recycling (CCR) technology, the Electroreduction of Carbon Dioxide (ERC) process. The ERC process aims to capture CO2 from industrial activities, such as cement production, and convert it to marketable chemicals like formate salts or formic acid. During development, the flat sandwich MRFC has been tested with a fuel consisting of an alkaline solution of sodium formate (NaHCO2) - a product of Mantra's ERC process. Theoretically, a future non-fossil energy cycle could be based on the conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) to formate (HCO2) using the ERC process to create fuel for MRFC power plants.

"Bringing carbon capture and utilization by ERC together with the MRFC provides a tremendous opportunity for creating an energy cycle based on the conversion of CO2 to liquid fuels, with energy input from non-fossil sources," said Larry Kristof, Mantra's president and CEO. "We are pleased with the progress we've made on moving both technologies closer to live demonstration projects and eventual commercialization."

Note to editors: Early SR-MRFC test results are described in the article: Aziznia A., Oloman C., Gyenge E., "A Swiss-roll liquid-gas mixed-reactant fuel cell", Journal of Power Sources, 212, (2012), 154-160.

About Mantra Energy Alternatives:

Mantra Energy Alternatives a wholly owned subsidiary of Mantra Venture Group Ltd. Its mission is to become the world leader in production of high value, carbon negative chemicals and fuels. Mantra's ERC system will reduce the problem greenhouse gas CO2 and convert it into a series of valuable chemicals, a form of carbon capture and recycling (CCR). There are currently 27 billion metric tons of CO2 emitted annually from fossil fuel combustion, providing an inexhaustible supply of feedstock. The first product is formic acid (HCOOH), which commands a market of approximately USD $1 billion.

Mantra is a public company quoted on the OTC BB under the symbol MVTG and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol 5MV.

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