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Go Fulfilment

February 28, 2011 09:02 ET

Manufacturers Using e-commerce Can Benefit from e-fulfilment Business Systems, Says Go Fulfilment

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 28, 2011) - today's global economy, manufacturers using e-commerce can benefit from e-fulfilment business systems, says fulfillment specialist, Go Fulfilment. Manufacturers no longer have to use brick and mortar shops or a distribution company as a middleman to reach consumers. Instead, by using third party e-fulfilment warehouses, manufacturers can sell directly to consumers via e-commerce.

Once the manufacturer has created their product, they can deliver items to the warehouses in bulk. These warehouses specialise in order fulfilment systems. A consumer or retailer can place an order over the web and the fulfilment warehouse will pick and pack the goods, arrange delivery and update the manufacturer's inventory all in real time. This process can save the manufacturers time and money. 

Brian Taylor, CEO of Go Fulfilment says, "By utilising warehousing capabilities, such as Go Fulfilment's, manufacturers can focus on what they do best – creating their product. Fulfilment warehouses have developed business systems with e-fulfilment in mind that updates inventory, stock levels and shipments in real time, so the manufacturer never has to question the status of their sales. Using outsourced or third party e-fulfilment warehouses, manufacturers have the flexibility to sell smaller orders to individuals or mass quantity to large buyers such as retail stores without losing any profit margin generally associated by using a middle distributor. With our volume discount, manufacturers can also benefit from better rates with shipping companies such as Fed Ex and UPS."

Manufacturers' sales can increase by taking advantage of the e-fulfilment business systems already in place within the third party warehouses. The order can be immediately dispatched once placed rather than having to wait for a salesperson to place an order and having to arrange distribution and delivery. The immediate delivery will reflect positively with customer as such, the end result will generate more business in the future. For more information on e-fulfilment warehousing for manufacturers, contact www.gofulfilment.com.

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