May 05, 2011 13:00 ET

Many Caravan Enthusiasts Are Facing Battery Disappointment This Summer, Says CTEK

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 5, 2011) - Many caravan holidaymakers are facing power failure this summer due to their decision to rely on a car battery for electricity supplies rather than a purpose built leisure battery, says global innovator and manufacturer of Battery Chargers, CTEK.

In the very first instance, using a car battery may seem the cheaper option but in the long term it's a different story. Fuel cells intended for vehicles are designed so that they can dispense quick bursts of power and then spend time being charged, rather than continually output power. If fully drained, sulphation may occur which will deplete the batteries ability to accept or hold a charge, meaning the lifespan will be severely cut short.

On the other hand, leisure batteries release the power slower, for longer, meaning they do not have to be recharged as frequently. Battery Charging is still essential for Leisure batteries but, they can be almost fully drained without causing the long-term damage that can occur in car batteries.

To make the charging of leisure batteries as simple as possible, CTEK has launched the D250S, a new onboard charger that is powered from the alternator and, will not only charge leisure batteries, but also condition and extend their life, saving the consumer valuable time and money.

Developed using the unique patented technology available in CTEK's mains powered chargers, the new D250S charger allows CTEK's safe and effective charging technology to be utilized when on the move - using either the vehicle alternator or solar as the power source.

The D250S provides a six step charging curve to condition, charge and maintain the leisure battery, increasing performance, extending its life span and, saving user money on unnecessary battery replacement. With around 80% of all battery failures due to sulphation caused by undercharging - a direct result of lack of care and maintenance, the D250S removes lead-sulphate from the plates using its patented desulphation mode before delivering up to 20 amps of controlled charging power.

The D250S is a 12V Battery Charger and is in constant communication with both the alternator and the leisure battery. Recognising when the alternator is powered, the D250S switches itself on, reads the condition of the leisure battery and begins its charging cycle. The unit switches itself off once the engine is stopped and the alternator shuts down. Operating in this way the D250S is completely separated from the starter battery whose performance and operation is unaffected.

Safe and simple to use, the D250S offers an affordable and comprehensive solution to battery charging and protection whilst on the move. For more information, please visit www.ctek.com.

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