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February 26, 2013 09:00 ET

Maple Leaf Green World Arranges Pig and Chicken Farm to Test China Light Technologies and Secures Six Greenhouses for Growing of 12 Million Vegetable Seedlings

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Feb. 26, 2013) - Maple Leaf Green World Inc. (TSX VENTURE:MGW) ("Maple Leaf" or the "Corporation"), an eco-agricultural company with a revenue producing large-scale nursery business in Inner Mongolia, China, announced on February 12, 2012 that it signed an exclusive contract (the "Contract") to test and including an option to purchase the technologies of China Light Enrich Ltd. ("China Light"), a private Hong Kong company that specializes in the ecological agriculture and bio-fertilizer businesses and that has invented several new ecological technologies that are included in the Contract (the "Technologies").

Maple Leaf has now arranged a pig and chicken farm near Changsa in the Hunan Province of China to begin testing of the Technologies early in March. Personnel from both Maple Leaf and China Light will be on site in Changsa shortly to prepare for the testing of the Technologies. Maple Leaf and China Light anticipate that the testing will take three months. China Light will be bearing the costs of the testing.

The key technology to be tested is the feed additive that is given to pigs that does not use any illicit drugs, steroids, antibiotics or hormones, just natural ingredients formulated into an additive mixed with regular pig feed (the "Pig Raising Technology"). The most important benefits of the process according to China Light are that it can:

  1. Enable pigs to reach full market weight 30 days shorter than using the traditional method, which in China normally takes 120 days;
  2. Save a minimum of 25% of feedstock or combined feeding cost;
  3. Eliminate the entire offending odor of the pig farm and achieve a zero emission effect; and
  4. Make the pig healthier with a stronger immune system and the meat will have less fat and be more tasteful.

The testing will also focus on China Light's technology relating to raising chicken eggs that contain more vital nutrients than normal eggs. If the results of the testing are consistent with what China Light has claimed, China Light will prepare a formal scientific experiment report for Maple Leaf. Maple Leaf will then test the marketability of the Technologies within three months of receipt of the report.

In addition, Maple Leaf is presently undertaking efforts to secure post-graduate institutions in Canada to conduct the same testing as will be conducted in Changsa.

Taiping Vegetable Greenhouse Project

Maple Leaf would also like to provide an update to its news release on November 5, 2012, which detailed an agreement entered between Maple Leaf, The Government of Taiping Town of Songshan District of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia and the Committee of Poplar Grove Village of Taiping Town ("Taiping") to build four automated modern greenhouses to cultivate produce and fruit seedlings.

Taiping has arranged six greenhouses for Maple Leaf to rent to conduct a trial grow of approximately 12 million seedlings of vegetables of Taiping's choice. According to Taiping's estimate, the total cost to carry-out the trial grow of the 12 million seedlings is $160,000 Cdn (1 million Rmb) and Taiping has agreed to purchase the 12 million seedlings from Maple Leaf for $270,000 Cdn (1.7 million Rmb). Maple Leaf and Taiping anticipate that the growing period for the 12 million vegetable seedlings will be approximately 60 days. Taiping will allow Maple Leaf to continue the trial grow process until 1 of the 4 greenhouses that Maple Leaf has agreed to jointly build becomes operational.

About Maple Leaf Green World Inc.

Maple Leaf is a Canadian company that focuses in the environmental industry with 2 main operating arms:

  1. Eco-Agriculture - it operates a large-scale nursery business in Inner Mongolia, China that is focused on growing value-added tree seedlings and nursery products that assist with anti-desertification.
  2. Renewable Energy - it is undertaking to commence a Yellowhorn seedling and tree operation which would provide valuable Yellowhorn seeds and ultimately oil from such seeds for the manufacture of bio-diesel fuel and premium healthy cooking oil.

Maple Leaf is a wholly-owned foreign enterprise which allows the Corporation to control 100% of the direction and operations of the company in China while permitting the cash generated from operations in China to flow back to Canada.

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