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February 11, 2013 17:41 ET

Maple Leaf Green World Secures Right to Exclusively Test and Acquire Potentially Revolutionary New Agri-Technologies

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Feb. 11, 2013) - Maple Leaf Green World Inc. ("Maple Leaf" or the "Corporation") (TSX VENTURE:MGW), an eco-agricultural company with a revenue producing large-scale nursery business in Inner Mongolia, China, announces that it has signed an exclusive contract (the "Contract") to test and including an option to purchase the technologies of China Light Enrich Ltd. ("China Light"), a private Hong Kong company that specializes in the ecological agriculture and bio-fertilizer businesses. China Light has invented the following new ecological technologies that are included in the Contract (the "Technologies"):

Raising Pigs

China Light has developed a feed additive that is given to pigs that does not use any illicit drugs, steroids, antibiotics or hormones, just natural ingredients formulated into an additive mixed with regular pig feed (the "Pig Raising Technology"). The most important benefits of the process are that it can:

Enable pigs to reach full market weight 30 days shorter than using the traditional method, which in
China normally takes 120 days;
2. Save a minimum of 25% of feedstock or combined feeding cost;
3. Eliminate the entire offending odor of the pig farm and achieve a zero emission effect; and
4. Make the pig healthier with a stronger immune system and the meat will have less fat and be more tasteful.

Managing Manure

China Light has developed a process to convert pig manure into fertile soil to cultivate earthworms (the type that are used in making heart disease medicine). After harvesting the earthworm, the soil can be converted into a high quality bio-fertilizer through another process.

Improving Egg Content

China Light has developed a new technology for raising egg-laying chickens so that the eggs contain more vital nutrients than normal eggs.

Raising Chickens and Cows

China Light is in the advanced stages of developing an additive that similarly reduces the feed and time required to grow chickens and cows to full market weight.

Terms of the Contract

The Contract provides that Maple Leaf can undertake a formal test of the Technologies at a pig farm and chicken farm in Hunan, China, to be chosen by Maple Leaf. This testing will take three months and China Light will bear the cost. If the results of this test are consistent with what China Light has claimed, China Light will prepare a formal scientific experiment report for Maple Leaf. Maple Leaf will then test the marketability of the Technologies within three months of receipt of the report. If Maple Leaf finds that the market potential is acceptable, then Maple Leaf will undertake to obtain regulatory approval to issue 32 million of its common shares to China Light as consideration for all rights to the Technologies. The share issuance transaction will be detailed in another agreement to be formulated by both parties upon Maple Leaf exercising its option to proceed with acquiring rights to the technologies.

Marketing Process

While the above testing is being done, Maple Leaf has arranged for five pigs farms with 10,000 pigs each to try out the Pig Raising Technology with a small sample of their livestock. Assuming that these samples are successful, larger commercial orders are expected from these farms while other farms begin their own sample trials.

China Light has spent several years developing the Technologies and has also conducted numerous tests on their own farm in China for two years. Despite the Contract stating more conservative figures, their tests with the Pig Raising Technology consistently shortening the time it takes a pig to grow to market weight by approximately 30 days and the feed cost saved is consistently around 30%.

Given that the cost of pig feedstock has risen drastically in recent years, and according to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ("FAOUN") China has the largest pig industry in the world, with almost 500 million pigs annually being raised, the Pig Raising Technology should provide a huge revenue opportunity for Maple Leaf. Maple Leaf intends to charge $15 Cdn per pig per turn initially (the normal growing cycle is four months in China) for using the Pig Raising Technology. After successfully introducing this technology to China, Maple Leaf also intends to bring it to North America, which according to FAOUN has the second largest pig industry in the world with almost 100 million pigs per year being raised. Also according to FAOUN the global consumption of pork is approximately 1 billion pigs per year. Maple Leaf will soon start looking for some local pig farmers in Canada to test the Pig Raising Technology and obtain any permission needed to market the pigs in Canada. Maple Leaf will undertake to register a worldwide patent on the Technologies as soon as their effectiveness is validated.

Raymond Lai, President & CEO of Maple Leaf, comments "We are excited that our continued efforts to create a diversified eco-agricultural company has exposed us to such a potentially lucrative opportunity. With the developing world turning more and more away from an Agrarian society that is based on eating mostly vegetables, and towards a protein based diet that includes meat, there is a need for innovation to meet this growing consumption demand. Much of the world's focus has been on fertilizers to increase the availability of feed for livestock. The new technologies available to Maple Leaf appear to enable livestock producers to both substantially reduce the amount of feed required in the life cycle of a pig, while simultaneously growing their revenues by enabling them to grow more pigs per year on the same sized operation. We are extremely excited for this opportunity to potentially change the way pigs are produced globally."

For further information regarding Maple Leaf Reforestation Inc., visit or contact Raymond Lai.

About Maple Leaf Green World Inc.

Maple Leaf is a Canadian company that focuses in the environmental industry with 2 main operating arms:

1. Eco-Agriculture - it operates a large-scale nursery business in Inner Mongolia, China that is focused on growing value-added tree seedlings and nursery products that assist with anti-desertification.
2. Renewable Energy - it is undertaking to commence a Yellowhorn seedling and tree operation which would provide valuable Yellowhorn seeds and ultimately oil from such seeds for the manufacture of bio-diesel fuel and premium healthy cooking oil.

Maple Leaf is a wholly-owned foreign enterprise which allows the Corporation to control 100% of the direction and operations of the company in China while permitting the cash generated from operations in China to flow back to Canada.

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