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MAR Systems, Inc.

June 14, 2012 16:09 ET

MAR Systems Provides Solution to the Problem of Poisoning the Great Lakes

SOLON, OH--(Marketwire - Jun 14, 2012) - Technology developed and patented by MAR Systems, Inc., headquartered in Solon, Ohio, can solve the problem of mercury pollution from electrical generation facilities in the Great Lakes region.

A report released on June 6, 2012 from the Nation Resources Defense Council shows that the 25 worst coal-fired power plants account for more than half of the dangerous mercury pollution emitted by the 144 electrical generation facilities in the region. According to the report, Ohio is the region's biggest offender.

MAR Systems' Sorbster™ Media removes mercury, selenium, arsenic and other metals and trace contaminants from industrial wastewater streams.

"Sorbster Media is a proprietary, innovative technology that binds contamination to our product, creating a non-hazardous disposal option," said Tony Lammers, President and CEO, MAR Systems. "We are able to quickly reduce contamination into the single digit parts-per-trillion, roughly a reduction level of 99 percent."

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently issued new nationwide Mercury and Air Toxics Standards that require power plants to reduce mercury emissions by 90 percent, well within MAR Systems' capabilities.

The technology rapidly removes contaminants -- even at trace levels -- through chemisorbtion, a process that irreversibly bonds the contaminants to the media, allowing for disposal in non-hazardous landfills.

"Mercury is a bio-accumulative. Once it's in the environment, it gets into the water stream and settles into the dirt. Worms eat the dirt, fish eat the worms and we eat the fish. Before you know it, we all have way too much mercury in our systems," said Lammers. "Sorbster Media completely removes mercury from the environment and eliminates the problem."

Currently, MAR Systems' technology is addressing compliance concerns, legacy issues and complicated contamination issues for refineries, power plants, mining operations, oil and gas facilities, chemical manufacturers and municipalities.

"We've developed a program that can get industry into EPA compliance within six months," said Lammers.

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MAR Systems is a privately owned, Ohio-based company. Established in 2005, MAR Systems has developed patented, proprietary processes that remove mercury, selenium, arsenic and other metals and trace contaminants from industrial wastewater streams. Using its Sorbster Media, MAR Systems can demonstrate successful contaminant removal at substantially faster rates than are measured with current technologies. For more information about MAR Systems, visit

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