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August 28, 2006 06:09 ET

Marc Anthony's Best Tressed List from Backstage at the 58TH Annual Emmy Awards

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA--(CCNMatthews - Aug. 28, 2006) - Marc Anthony, Canada's celebrity hairstyling Guru, was backstage at the 58th Annual Emmy Awards, to bring you the inside scoop on what stars won best and worst tressed for their red carpet strut.

After styling Melora Hardin for her Emmy winning red carpet walk and consulting with nominees Jean Smart and Allison Janney, Marc Anthony went backstage as the official hairstylist at the Emmy's. After touching up the likes of Mariska Hargitay and Megan Mullally, he gives you the scoop on whose tresses dazzled and whose were uninspired.

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"The overall trend was as I predicted with a side part and low bun," says Marc who was seen adorning hair with ribbons and crystals for the nominees, Perrey Reeves and others including the hot new up-and-comer Lauren Conrad, during the week preceding the Emmy's. "The stars were stunning, there were some huge wins and great hair bringing home my award for best tressed."

With all kinds of style on the red carpet, who did Marc Anthony say did it the best?

Best Tressed - Katherine Heigl. She's that stereotypical American Beauty but surprises us with just how gorgeous she is every time she comes out on the red carpet. She looked so perfectly finished and the side bun really gave it a modern twist. She was stunning.

Best Updo - I had a tie in this category. I thought Jaime Pressly had a beautifully classic updo. I loved the way she used the braid as an accessory, it was a nice use of a hair extension. She has really fine hair and this was a way to fill it out and keep the look polished. The other is Debra Messing, her modern messy bun really fit her personality. The long side fringe added some length to her face and gave the updo its modern feel, drawing attention to her great smile.

Most Unique Style - Heidi Klum. She looked spectacular. Pregnancy really agrees with her. I loved her hair, it was interesting and delicate at the same time. Her braids and twists and waves all came together beautifully.

A Class of Her Own - Mariska Hargitay. I loved Mariska's hair extensions on her. There is a lot of pressure on Hollywood's new mothers when they come back on the scene. I thought this was a really fresh look on her. The extensions were sexy and playful, I think it was perfect for her return to the scene.

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Would have done differently - Sandra Oh. Her look really surprised me. It was a bit untamed, sort of like messy gone wrong. Generally, I love her style. She usually has a really elegant vibe to her. It was a little disappointing. A smoother style would have been more suited to her detailed dress and layered necklaces.

Honorable Mentions

Alfre Woodard. She is so elegant and sophisticated. I love her highlights. The lighter tones accentuate her cheek bones and the shaggy style keeps her youthful and hip.

Allison Janney. Allison's hair was a smooth simple updo. Perfect choice for her dress. Anything messy would have been too busy for her gown.
Blythe Danner. She looked amazing. She is like Hollywood royalty and has a sullen beauty, but I would have liked to see her change out of her everyday style.

Charlie's Angels. Farrah Faucet was true to form with a modern version of her voluminous off the face curl. Kate Jackson had an understated chic look that kept the sexy edge of her Angels' past. Jacyln Smith wore a carefree flowing style that was bouncy and flirty, perfect for the Angels' reunion appearance.
Ellen Pompeo. As beautiful as she is she missed the mark. She had an unfinished air about her, it wasn't strong enough for her dress. An unfinished messy look would have brought more volume and interest to her look. It was flat and a little boring.

Evangeline Lilly. She looked really pretty and youthful. I loved the way she wore her hair, it was loose and flirty and perfect with her jewelry and strapless dress.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Julia is such a beautiful woman. I really liked the smooth front and the messy twist of her bun. It was trendy and classic at the same time.

Lisa Kudrow. I loved her hair. It was gently swept up with a soft finish. It really complimented the open neckline and romantic feel of her dress.

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