October 20, 2015 00:29 ET

Marc Dennis' Painting is the Cover of a New Book

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - October 20, 2015) - A painting by acclaimed New York Artist Marc Dennis has been chosen as the cover of Jennifer Tyburczy's new book, "Sex Museums - The Politics and Performance of Display". The book, which was written as an exploration of western sexuality, will be published by The University of Chicago Press. Dennis seems the expected choice for such a subject matter as his work rarely stems far from the provocative, intense, and revealing nature of human beings.

In the painting "The End of the World", the back of a female observer directly obstructs the genitalia of a female nude. The famous painting is by Gustave Courbet, a 19thcentury French artist. She is, in a sense, finding some comparison to herself in the work of art. As she looks on at the painting, we are forced to look at her, as the piece becomes a meta-social commentary to our views on art. Throughout his career, Marc Dennis has aimed to use varying devices to raise questions for his audience, and muddle the search for meaning and purpose of art - thus creating a broader experience for the person who views it.

"End of the World", which will feature as the main image for Jennifer Tyburczy's book, explores the difference between the truth and lies within human behavior and its place among sexual identity. Never shying away from the controversial, artist Marc Dennis studies the relationship between the mind and body through experimentation of bodily senses. His paintings are often striking yet simple; forcing his audience to reevaluate their state of mind among the psychological, spiritual and emotional bonds of sexual intimacy.

"Sex Museums - The Politics and Performance of Display" is an appropriate platform to which we can compare Dennis' art with the contents of what Jennifer Tyburczy has written. Presenting a strong breakdown of western sexuality, Tyburczy shows art museums to be the forefront of culture-war dramatics, demonstrating how public space can be used to fight civic struggles with the acts of sex. By studying the displays of sexual normalcy versus abnormality in exhibitions, she questions the role that museums have played in disciplining sexuality and perversion.

With countless possibilities and interpretations available, the painting is intended to be filled with obvious sexual references to make it thoughtful yet fascinating. It is no surprise that in the socially delicate and media-obsessed art culture of today, the work of Marc Dennis remains honest but warped; true but deceitful, and always satirical. To appear on the cover of Jennifer Tyburczy's, "Sex Museums - The Politics and Performance of Display" is the perfect fit for Dennis and the readers, as they explore the concepts of what it means to embrace sexuality within the boundaries of public norms and expectations.

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