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November 21, 2013 12:30 ET

Marin Software Aligns Digital Marketing With Business Analytics Through Revenue Connect

Partnership With LiveRamp Unveils True Conversion Value by Attributing Offline Purchases to Online Ads

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 21, 2013) -  Sophisticated marketers understand the key to realizing the full potential of online advertising exists within their own data. Marin Connect offers marketers a flexible and open platform through which they can seamlessly integrate disparate sources of data -- cost, contextual, and revenue data -- into a central, unified interface. Marin Connect serves as the foundation of Marin Software, powering marketers' ability to unlock the potential of their data and deliver the right offer to the right audience at the right time for the right bid.

Today, Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN) announces the expansion of Marin Connect with the availability of Marin Revenue Connect. With Revenue Connect, advertisers can align digital marketing campaigns with business analytics and gain a true measure of revenue. Revenue Connect enables digital marketers to see deep into their purchase funnels, bridge offline sales to online advertising and optimize to customer lifetime value.

News Facts:

  • In an increasingly competitive environment, online marketers must look beyond simple conversion metrics to fully optimize campaigns. Many advertisers have expanded the scope of conversion valuation to include not only online sales but also offline sales, latent transactions and customer lifetime value (LTV). To leverage these critical insights, marketers need an open, flexible platform that can easily consume data from different sources. 
  • Through a new partnership with LiveRamp, the leading data onboarder, Revenue Connect now provides merchants and retailers with an advanced technique that utilizes information at the point of sale to track in-store purchases and attribute them back to online ads that influenced the consumer's decision to buy. By bridging in-store sales to online ads, Marin and LiveRamp enable advertisers to ensure that appropriate credit is applied to the right marketing channel and that ads are optimized accordingly.
  • Calculating customer LTV is a critical exercise for many digital marketers. Understanding the LTV of customer segments allows marketers to more accurately determine how much to invest in acquiring customers. Savvy marketers rely on LTV metrics to make better decisions; however, incorporating LTV into digital advertising campaigns can be challenging, especially when dealing with a large number of customer segments. Revenue Connect allows marketers to seamlessly integrate LTV data across any number of customer segments and tie it back to the keyword, creative or audience target that drove the initial click, allowing marketers to optimize media spend for maximum ROI.
  • Tracking codes have become a staple for digital marketers when measuring the effectiveness of campaigns. Unfortunately, manual implementation of URL tracking codes is time consuming and prone to human error. The Marin Revenue Tracking Wizard automatically generates new URLs and auto-corrects malformed or duplicate URLs across an entire portfolio. The tool follows parameters based on advertisers' current URL tracking structure, improving the accuracy of data and in turn facilitating better marketing decisions. 
  • The partnership with LiveRamp further augments Marin's Certified Revenue Partner Ecosystem, providing additional offline revenue tracking capabilities, which include the call-tracking services ResponseTap, Marchex and Mongoose Metrics.
  • Additional information on Marin Connect and Revenue Connect can be found at:


  • "The rise of automation has been a major step forward for marketers. However, the combination of powerful optimization tools and incomplete data creates situations that allow advertisers to make sub-optimal decisions more quickly," said Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin Software. "At Marin, we understand the importance of having the right data in the platform. We have invested heavily in create an open and extensible platform that allows for hundreds of integrations with our robust partner ecosystem. Marin's new flexible revenue capture solution, combined with our attribution, call-tracking and offline tracking options, enables customers to unlock the full potential of their conversion and revenue data."
  •  "The ability to connect in-store transaction data to online ad impressions provides marketers a 360 degree view of their customers," said Travis May, vice president of product at LiveRamp. "Data onboarding allows brands to utilize their entire customer data set effectively within a variety of online marketing platforms. Our partnership with Marin opens up new avenues for optimizing search campaigns with onboarded data."

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