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September 23, 2013 08:30 ET

Marin Software Unlocks Full Potential of Digital Marketing Data With Channel Connect

Open, Flexible Platform Allows Marketers to Quickly Pinpoint and Capitalize on New Cross-Channel Opportunities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 23, 2013) - Sophisticated marketers understand the key to maximizing return lives within their own data. Through Marin Connect, marketers are able to integrate disparate sources of data -- cost, contextual, and revenue data -- into a central, unified interface. Marin Connect serves as the foundation of Marin Software, powering marketers' ability to unlock the potential of their data and deliver the right offer to the right audience at the right time for the right bid.

Today, Marin Software (NYSE: MRIN) announces the expansion of Marin Connect with the availability of Marin Channel Connect. With Channel Connect, advertisers can incorporate data from multiple publishers, including new and smaller publisher networks as well as SEO into the Marin platform. Marketers gain a single source from which to measure performance, track revenue, and optimize bidding. Channel Connect enables marketers to make smarter, faster, cross-channel decisions and increase the profitability of their online campaigns.

News Facts:

  • Most marketers are eager to advertise across multiple channels but lack the time or resources to effectively launch new campaigns. Channel Connect automates URL building and revenue tracking for any linked publisher or analytics platform, allowing marketers to more easily launch, manage and optimize campaigns on new channels.
  • Too often advertisers view their marketing programs in silos, often resulting in missed opportunities. Using Channel Connect, marketers can more easily view click, cost, conversion and revenue data across a broad spectrum of marketing channels and non-traditional publisher networks. Combined with automated reporting, the increase in visibility drives better decision making, streamlines workflow and leads to better results.
  • Algorithmic bidding has become an industry standard for marketers, but often marketers limit their focus to a few large, traditional publishers. Through Channel Connect, Marin Software is the only platform that provides bid recommendations for all integrated channels. Using Marin's analytics-to-action interface, marketers can more quickly identify optimization opportunities for any publisher or any channel, enabling improved ROI.
  • Many advertisers manage and analyze their marketing channels independently. Such an approach results in bias towards the channels that drive the final click in the conversion path. Little to no credit is given to channels that drive initial interest. By combining Channel Connect with Marin Software's sophisticated attribution modeling, marketers can achieve a more accurate distribution of credit for each individual channel, enabling better budgeting allocation and more financial lift.
  • Channel Connect certified partnerships include Adlux, adMarketplace, AOL, BrightEdge, Conductor, Sendori ( and Yandex. Joint customers can take full advantage of the power of Channel Connect.
  • Additional information on Marin Connect and Channel Connect can be found at:


  • "Marin Software provides an easy solution for integration and reporting with Search Network publishers like AdMarketPlace," said Yulia Briman, principal search engine marketing analyst at Symantec. "Channel Connect allowed us to gain greater visibility over our marketing program and optimize more effectively."
  • "Being able to report and analyze performance across multiple channels in one interface has saved us significant time and helped us make better budgeting and bidding decisions," said Kurt Duggan, search and email marketing team lead at PriceGrabber.
  • "Too frequently marketers underinvest in certain digital channels because they can't measure the influence such channels have on their marketing programs," said Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin Software. "Channel Connect allows marketers to see and optimize channel relationships that previously remained hidden, such as the impact of SEO on SEM. The wealth of insight is unprecedented and turns previously segregated data into a gold mine of opportunity."

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