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MarineCFO Inc.

February 16, 2011 07:31 ET

MarineCFO Inc. Announces Enterprise Version 3.0

Robust, enterprise-class solution provides configurable growth capability for Marine Organizations

HOUSTON, TEXAS--(Marketwire - Feb. 16, 2011) - MarineCFO Inc., the leading provider of On-Vessel, Marine Operations, Personnel, Fleet Maintenance and Financial Management Solutions to the Marine Transportation Industry, announced today the release of Enterprise Version 3.0. 

Today's global workboat market changes with rapid-fire frequency, especially in the area of regulation. It requires management to respond with critical decisions to keep the organization competitive, on pace, and in compliance. The market constantly challenges your management's ability to react decisively to position your company as a profitable leader - today, tomorrow and beyond.

When a company pays for enterprise software, that software should have the capability of being tailored to their specific work processes rather than forcing the work processes to fit the software. 

MarineCFO Enterprise v3.0 provides a configurable software solution that can grow and change with the business. MarineCFO Enterprise v3.0 is based on the MarineCFO Business Framework™ is the toolset used to develop and enhance all of the MarineCFO products. This allows for controlled development and consistency across the interfaces and coding methodologies. With a strong Microsoft relationship, all products are built with mainstream Microsoft technologies. This includes the .NET framework, SQL Server, the Windows Communication Foundation, and Microsoft Office for productivity, analysis, and heavy data entry tasks.

"As we have seen, the global workboat market can change in an instant and marine transportation organizations require technology that will not only improve their efficiencies and streamline their operations but are also capable of changing as their business evolves," says Joe Galatas, President of MarineCFO. "We have worked with our customers on Version 3.0 to improve integration and flexibility, all while keeping the product highly customizable to meet the needs of different clients."

Quick facts of the release include:

  • NEW FEATURES. MarineCFO 3.0 offers numerous new features, including direct support for companies moving barges, tracking cargo or transporting liquid, along with the complex billing scenarios that go along with them. The system offers amortized pay for employees working shifts, as well as enhanced scheduling for employees working partial days. A new and improved Batch Manager allows users to Post, Print, and Distribute documents in a single screen. Business Rules can be run to validate information, and users can create custom Business Rules.
  • SECURITY. MarineCFO 3.0 introduced substantial improvements to the overall system security model. Complex security scenarios can be easily implemented with new and simplified user interfaces. Security Administrators can now specify that a user has any combination of read, update, create or delete permissions on any data in the system. This has been threaded through all parts of the software, including reporting, lookup-lists, export utilities and screen interfaces. Best of all, the security is tightly integrated with Microsoft SQL Server, meaning that a user is still bound to his or her permission rights even if using a third party tool, such as Crystal Reports.
  • INTEGRATION MANAGER. A powerful new Integration Manager has been added, making it easy to exchange information stored in MarineCFO with other systems, such as a corporate ERP system. Pre-built schemas now ship for integration with Microsoft Dynamics (GP, AX, NAV), Lawson and SAP.
  • VESSEL LIVE! MarineCFO's on-vessel application now offers increased functionality in the areas of maintenance, purchasing and scheduling. Vessel Live now offers configurable packet sizes, reducing bandwidth costs and offering tighter integration between the vessels and the shore.
  • MORE CUSTOMIZABLE. Users and Administrators can now selectively enable or disable fields on any screen. If a field is not used, it can simply be removed from the UI. If a field is needed, Administrators can easily add the field. New fields also become part of the security model.
  • REPORTING. Users can now create custom reports and have them easily appear in their navigation system.
  • HELP. MarineCFO now offers an online help system, providing a more dynamic system that can be accesses anywhere.

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MarineCFO is the leading provider of On-Vessel, Marine Operations, Personnel, Fleet Maintenance and Financial Management Solutions to the Marine Transportation Industry. MarineCFO solutions are scalable from the largest industry players to small family-run companies. MarineCFO provides MarineCFO Enterprise, a comprehensive behind the fire-wall solution, and MarineCFO Live!, an on-demand web-based solution. 

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