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MarineCFO Inc.

September 08, 2010 08:00 ET

MarineCFO Live! Sees Explosive Customer Growth

Over 35 Companies in 10 Countries signup for MarineCFO Live!

HOUSTON, TEXAS--(Marketwire - Sept. 8, 2010) - MarineCFO Inc., the leading provider of On-Vessel, Marine Operations, Personnel, Fleet Maintenance and Financial Management Software Solutions to the Workboat Industry, announced today that its on-line version, MarineCFO Live! has seen explosive customer growth in 2010.

Marine companies from all over the World are recognizing the benefits of automating their Personnel, Maintenance, and Operational processes with MarineCFO Live! Launched in late 2009, MarineCFO Live! is now being used by over 35 Marine Companies in 10 Countries.

"We are seeing workboat companies from around the Globe take advantage of a fully web-enabled, cost-effective solution without the need for servers, software, or IT," said Joe Galatas, President of MarineCFO Inc. "MarineCFO is known for providing comprehensive solutions to some of the largest and most respected workboat companies in the world. We are extremely excited about the uptake of our MarineCFO Live! offering by divisional, small and mid-sized workboat companies. MarineCFO Live! enables organizations to streamline their business processes by eliminating manual & inefficient procedures while only requiring Microsoft Internet Explorer."

MarineCFO Live! provides a full-featured, cost-effective solution without the requirement for servers and complex IT requirements. More importantly, MarineCFO Live! will enable workboat companies to centralize business processes by eliminating multiple data entry points without the burden of a traditional IT solution. MarineCFO Live! is tailored specifically to the Workboat Industry and allows organizations to get started right away without being bogged down in technical issues.

Overview of MarineCFO Live! offerings:

Personnel Live!

  • Employee & Crew Management
  • Schedule & Crew Shift Management
  • Injuries & Safety
  • Certifications & Training
  • Employee Event Management

Operations Live!

  • Jobs & Billing Management
  • Customer Management
  • Vessel & Equipment Management
  • Graphical Vessel Mapping (when used in conjunction with on-board Vessel Live! offering)
  • Incidents, Accidents, and Safety Management

Maintenance Live!

  • Vessel & Asset Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Automatic Maintenance Orders
  • Deficiency Tracking

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MarineCFO is the leading provider of On-Vessel, Marine Operations, Personnel, Fleet Maintenance and Financial Management Solutions to the Workboat Industry. MarineCFO solutions are scalable from the largest industry players to small family-run companies. MarineCFO provides MarineCFO Enterprise, a comprehensive behind the fire-wall solution, and MarineCFO Live!, an on-demand web-based solution.

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