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October 03, 2012 08:30 ET

Maritz Research's Tablet Re-contact Study Reveals New Insight on Consumers' Purchase Behavior

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - Oct 3, 2012) -

  • iPad owners experience the greatest convergence of smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Consumers who are more likely to select a tablet over a PC are more likely than average to own an Apple iPad.
  • New tablets are not replacing old tablets. In fact, due to their broad appeal, nearly three-quarters of used tablets are still being used in the household, expanding overall tablet use.

Today, Maritz Research announces the results of its Maritz Holiday Tablet Poll Re-contact Study, done using DecisionVue 360™, the only custom research analysis product to take the guesswork out of how customers purchase a product or service, or move on to a competitor. The study reveals: how tablets are having an impact on other device purchases; and how households are making use of multiple tablets rather than replacing the ones they already own -- demonstrating expanded tablet usage in the household.

"Leading device manufacturers are always looking for ways to drive consumers to their brand and to understand how purchase decisions evolve throughout the purchase journey, which aligns with DecisionVue 360's methodology," said Michael Allenson, senior strategic consulting director of the Technology/Telecom Research Group at Maritz Research. "The findings shed light on how purchase choices are being made in a dynamically changing tablet market and offer insight into the tablet industry, analyzing consumer behavior so marketers can better capture market share." 

Device Choice if Starting Over
When asked to imagine starting over with a single technology platform, iPad users preferred to buy a tablet first, more often than they chose a desktop or a smartphone and nearly as often as a laptop.

  • Owners of the Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab chose a laptop as their first device.
  • iPad owners chose a tablet (24 percent) over a smartphone (20 percent) and a desktop (11 percent) as their first device purchase if they had to start over again, even though slightly more consumers' first preference was a laptop (27 percent).
  • User activity demonstrated that there is a lot of overlap between tablets, laptops and smartphones. Now, consumers are using tablets for things they would have otherwise done with their laptops and smartphones (particularly iPad users).
  • Despite being in the market for just two years, tablets have leapfrogged PCs in preference for nearly one-in-four consumers. Consumers who are more likely to select a tablet over a PC are more likely than average to own an Apple iPad.
  • However, when asked to imagine starting over, Kindle Fire users overwhelmingly would select a laptop as their top device of choice. For these users mobile devices have not become their primary computing devices, therefore they would prefer a laptop (35 percent) more often than a smartphone (17 percent) or a tablet (12 percent).

Multiple Tablets in Household
The study found that previously purchased tablets remain in use in the household after buying a new tablet, either for use by someone else or by the purchaser. Few tablets are resold or retired from use entirely.

  • The study found that nearly one-in-six purchases is an upgrade device.
  • Nearly three-quarters of these repeat buyers are retaining their previous device, with some giving it to another member of the household (39 percent) and almost as many keeping it and still planning to use it (33 percent).
  • Consumers may prefer one tablet for a certain activity or occasion, or use different tablets in different locations.
  • Some consumers are able to find alternate uses for tablets within the household, enabling the original purchasers to buy a new version and still get value out of the ones they currently own.

Study Methodology
The summer 2012 study, featuring 1,347 total interviews, is a follow-up to the Maritz Holiday Tablet Poll conducted in November 2011 and includes re-contact with tablet intenders from November, as well as consumers who did not have plans to purchase in the next six months, at that time. The study was done through Maritz Research's DecisionVue 360™ research analysis product. Maritz Research recommends follow-up studies to validate original predicted behavior. For more information on the study, go to

About DecisionVue 360™
Maritz Research's DecisionVue 360 is the only custom research analysis product to take the guesswork out of how customers purchase a product or service, or move on to a competitor. It is the only research product on the market to use brand rejection analysis -- providing insights into what factors cause a brand to be eliminated from consideration as well as when and why it is eliminated in different parts of the decision lifecycle process. DecisionVue 360 is not retrospective or recall-based; instead, it utilizes a proprietary cohort analysis design that measures user engagement over time. It is a patent-pending solution that can be used by marketers in a wide variety of industries, including technology, cable and telecommunications, retail, automotive, hospitality, restaurant, and insurance, among others.

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