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May 15, 2007 08:00 ET

Mark Logic and Syncro Soft Team up to Accelerate XQuery Development

oXygen XML Editor Enables Interactive Debugging of Content Applications Running on MarkLogic Server

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 15, 2007 -- MARK LOGIC USER CONFERENCE -- Mark Logic® Corporation, provider of the industry's leading XML content server, today announced that Syncro Soft has significantly broadened support for MarkLogic Server in Syncro Soft's new oXygen XML Editor 8.2.

oXygen XML Editor 8.2 includes a XQuery debugger, based on a new API in MarkLogic Server 3.2, which lets developers interactively debug MarkLogic-based content applications. Using the XQuery debugger, developers can easily inspect and correct their XQuery modules and functions. [Please see related press release titled "Mark Logic Unveils MarkLogic Server 3.2."]

"We have used oXygen for several years as our main XML, XSLT, XQuery and schema editor and development environment," said David Sewell, editorial and technical manager, Electronic Imprint, at University of Virginia Press. "The addition to oXygen 8.2 of an integrated debugger supporting MarkLogic Server 3.2 should significantly increase our coding efficiency, as we'll be able to locate and diagnose programming glitches much more quickly. For us this is a marriage of the two main software tools that we rely on to produce our XML-based ROTUNDA publications."

The XQuery debugger provides an interactive environment to facilitate and speed application debugging. It displays XQuery modules, highlighting expressions under evaluation, and provides the developer with all the familiar debugging controls such as step in, step out, next, and run through end. The XQuery debugger also allows developers to interactively set and clear breakpoints both prior to and during evaluation, inspect variable bindings, dig into document content, and evaluate XQuery expressions in context. XQuery programs can be submitted on an ad-hoc basis, can reside in the file system, or can be stored in MarkLogic Server. The debugger follows XQuery evaluation across module imports and function calls, displaying debugging context at all times.

"We are delighted to bring oXygen's industry-leading XML and XQuery development environment, including their debugging tools, to our customers," said Ian Small, senior vice president of products at Mark Logic. "Now customers can rapidly move through the development cycle to deliver high quality, robust, scalable XML content applications in a shorter amount of time. In addition, today's announcement validates the growing adoption of XML and XQuery as the standard building blocks for these high value content applications."

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