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May 15, 2007 08:00 ET

Mark Logic Unveils MarkLogic Server 3.2

Provides Powerful New Content Search and Analysis Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 15, 2007 -- MARK LOGIC USER CONFERENCE -- Mark Logic® Corporation today announced the general availability of MarkLogic Sever 3.2, the newest version of its industry leading XML content server. It includes new features that provide expanded content processing capabilities, more sophisticated content search and analysis, and enhanced support for administrators and developers.

Organizations use MarkLogic Server to unlock the full value of their content, improving how they integrate, reuse, and repurpose it to deliver new products and services. The new version enables organizations to meet a wider range of user requirements when building and deploying content applications and incorporates many customer-driven enhancements.

"Organizations are increasingly aware of the strategic value of integrating content with mission-critical business processes, and this will drive growth in content-centric applications -- especially those tied to a specific vertical industry," said Melissa Webster, program director, content and digital media technologies at IDC. "XML content servers such as MarkLogic Server facilitate the deployment of these rich content applications through their sophisticated search and analysis features, and are enabling the new generation of content applications."

"We're thrilled to be launching MarkLogic 3.2 to the approximately 250 people who will be present at this year's user conference in San Francisco," said Dave Kellogg, chief executive officer at Mark Logic. "To me, it's all about momentum. We have it in publishing and media. We have it in government. We're building it out in new markets like life sciences and technical content delivery. And we have it in product -- MarkLogic 3.2 is a great new release and I'm excited to be presenting it to our customers this week in San Francisco."

MarkLogic Server 3.2 New Features and Capabilities

Expanded Content Processing Capabilities. MarkLogic now includes advanced language support, including stemming and tokenization, for selected European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages, specifically French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Russian. This enables customers to create applications that are language-aware down to the element and sub-element level and that can handle language-aware searches within the structure of the XML content. MarkLogic also includes enhanced support for content in common document formats including Microsoft Office 2007 and Open Office.

Improved Content Search Features. The new version includes features for faster and more precise content search, enabling developers to build custom indices on specific elements. This means that users can search against a sub-set of the content which in turn leads to faster search and more focused search results. MarkLogic expands its support for collations, which enables customers to better sort and order their content search results. MarkLogic now also includes document search tuning. This lets developers choose whether to include element contents, such as images or footnotes, in the search and how those elements should be weighted in the search results.

New Content Analysis Capabilities. MarkLogic now offers frequency analysis of elements and collections helping organizations to perform more detailed analysis of their content. In addition, it enables organizations to categorize their search results, leading to faceted navigation interfaces that help users better explore and analyze content. For example, in a specific corpus of scientific content, a user could analyze the number of authors, the frequency with which a specific author appeared, the number of articles attributed to that author, and how many articles an author wrote over a specified time.

Additional Administration Support. MarkLogic brings enhanced functionality to administrators who are tasked with maintaining the XML content server as part of the overall information technology (IT) infrastructure. It includes monitoring application programming interfaces (APIs), enabling IT administrators to tie into enterprise system monitoring tools to gain enhanced visibility and access to all areas of the deployment. A new cancel query API allows administrators to programmatically stop a query in process, giving them greater control over resources.

Increased Support for Developers. The new release includes an API that enables partners to integrate their integrated development environment (IDE) tools with MarkLogic Server which facilitates application development and debugging. It also includes a profiling API that helps developers measure and understand query performance, enabling them to make adjustments for optimal performance of queries written in XQuery.

"We are very pleased that MarkLogic Server includes a new development API, as this will provide tremendous value to developers in the XML community," said Stefan Vasile, chief executive officer at Syncro Soft. "We have worked very closely with Mark Logic to bring the newest version of the oXygen XML Editor, the industry's first XQuery debugger that runs against a native XML content server, to market."

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Mark Logic Corporation is the provider of the industry's leading XML content server. Mark Logic works with providers of information products to accelerate new product creation, deliver products through multiple channels, integrate content from different sources, repurpose content into multiple products, build custom publishing systems, and mine content to find previously undiscovered information. MarkLogic Server does this by enabling companies to load, query, manipulate, and render XML content using the W3C-standard XQuery language. Designed for high performance and scalability, MarkLogic Server can deliver millisecond response times against multi-terabyte contentbases. Mark Logic is privately held and backed by Sequoia Capital and Lehman Brothers. For more information or to download a free trial copy of MarkLogic Server, please visit

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