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November 12, 2007 08:00 ET

Mark Logic Unveils Searchable Email Archive for Apache Software Foundation Content

Free MarkMail Service Provides Sophisticated Search and Navigation Against More Than Four Million Messages

SAN CARLOS, CA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - Mark Logic® Corporation, provider of the industry's leading XML content server, today unveiled MarkMail™, a community-focused searchable message archive service, accessible at MarkMail allows an organization with large amounts of email, such as the Apache Software Foundation, to leverage the immense amount of collective knowledge accumulated over time through email discussions. Users can find technical information, research historical decision making, spot trends, and locate the subject matter experts for any topic.

The free MarkMail service provides sophisticated search functionality with a powerful faceted navigation interface. Combined with real-time analytics, the system delivers a new, state-of-the-art experience for interacting with large-scale message archives, such as those used by open source projects. MarkMail's powerful functionality and fluid user experience were built utilizing the unique capabilities of MarkLogic Server for handling semi-structured content.

"I am very excited about MarkMail," said Scott Abel, of The Content Wrangler ( "Email-based mailing list applications, commonly known as listservs, are complicated and confusing for users, and Mark Logic has demonstrated true innovation in creating a service to extract value from these lists. MarkMail provides a powerful, professional and intuitive user experience for people seeking answers hidden within email messages and transforms a flat technical mail archive into a useable knowledge base."

MarkMail is currently populated with email messages from more than 500 Apache Software Foundation mailing lists, covering content from a range of software projects, including Apache Tomcat, Apache Struts, and Apache SpamAssassin. The service currently includes more than 4,000,000 public email messages from over 150,000 users.

Developers using Apache software can access the historical archive to discover how others before them solved problems that they now are encountering. Prior to MarkMail, users may have tried a general search engine such as Google, but such tools are not email-aware -- they can't differentiate a sender from a subject line. Nor are they mailing-list-savvy -- they can't differentiate James, an Apache technology with its own mailing list, from James, a person's name. Now developers can use MarkMail's specialized search and discovery tools to work directly with the email archive to find what they need. Similarly, developers looking to locate subject matter experts can use MarkMail's analytics to discover the most frequent contributors to a topic and visualize their posting activity over time.

With MarkMail, users can seamlessly query across the structured and unstructured parts of email, including attachments, unlocking the value trapped inside thousands -- or millions -- of emails. By observing structure in the seemingly free-form content of the message body and automatically weighting query terms appropriately, MarkMail delivers results far superior to simple full-text search. In addition, MarkMail presents analytic information based on header information and other message metadata, enabling user drill down and query refinement. The results are a single interactive experience that lets users rapidly focus in on the answers they are seeking.

"MarkLogic's ability to work with this type of semi-structured information is a key reason why customers across a variety of industry segments find that our server is well-suited to their content problems," said Ian Small, senior vice president of products at Mark Logic Corporation. "MarkMail is a model for excellence in content search and discovery. We hope MarkMail changes the way people think about email, expanding it from just a message sent or read today, into a growing knowledge base they can refer to often and easily."

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