October 05, 2011 19:40 ET

Market Adoption of Virtual Agents Surges Upward

Businesses and Consumers Converge on Virtual Agents to Power Online Interactions

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 5, 2011) - VirtuOz, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) for online marketing, sales, and support, today announced that market validation of virtual assistants has increased, citing the recent release of Siri, a voice-enabled personal assistant built into the Apple® iOS5. Siri uses the built-in Apple apps on an iPhone® to find the information you request.

Ever since IBM's Watson defeated its two human competitors on the game show "Jeopardy," the use of natural language processing in commercial applications has continued to attract growing market interest. And, increasingly, a growing number of consumers expect to conduct their personal and business engagements online through self-service options. This has given rise to IVAs, like Apple's Siri, a digital voice and text application that can, among other things, send and read voicemail, texts, and email, set appointments, search Google, ask for directions, and find restaurants.

"Apple's new Siri virtual personal assistant is great validation for our enterprise customers who have embraced virtual assistants as a way to provide online consumers anytime, anywhere access and personalized responses to their inquiries," stated Steve L. Adams, VirtuOz president and CEO. "Our customers have deployed virtual assistants as digital personas on their websites for several years now, using them to engage consumers in personal conversations -- to respond quickly and accurately to their requests, to guide them to information, or to perform tasks on their behalf. What Apple's new Siri virtual assistant is to the individual consumer, the VirtuOz Intelligent Virtual Agent is to the enterprise. Consumers get personal responses -- in context -- to get the one right answer they need."

Similar to Apple's Siri, VirtuOz IVAs use a conversational approach for engaging consumers and answering questions, and can often determine the right response by predicting the intent of the user by understanding the context in which an inquiry is made. The VirtuOz IVA is also able to ask clarifying questions to further determine user needs and to find the "one right answer."

Last year, Gartner predicted that in 2-4 years IVAs would become the new standard for online customer interaction. Siri proves they are right on schedule.

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