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December 17, 2009 08:30 ET

Market Pulse Breaking News Alert for Thursday, December 17, 2009: RMCP -- CT Scan Cancer Revelation Makes Need for RevMed's MRI Technology Critical and RevMed Partners in One of the World's Largest Syringe Markets!

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ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - December 17, 2009) - Market Pulse News Alert for this AM, Stocks to Watch are: Revolutions Medical Corporation (OTCBB: RMCP), Delta Petroleum Corp. (NASDAQ: DPTR), Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: ACHN) and NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA).

Investors need to be watching Revolutions Medical Corporation (OTCBB: RMCP) this AM! Revolutions Medical Corporation (RevMed) is engaged in the design, development, commercialization and acquisition of new products and tools to make healthcare safer and less expensive. RevMed's products include safety-engineered medical devices (SEMDs) and the flagship RevVac safety syringe (FDA Approved), safety blood drawing devices, and safety IV catheters. The products use a proprietary patented technology in which a vacuum causes the needle to retract into the barrel of the syringe or device after an injection is administered or blood is drawn. RevMed owns the patents to manufacture the disposable retractable syringe and phlebotomy device. The world market for SEMDs is projected to exceed $2 billion this year and is forecasted to maintain a 20% annual growth rate in the near term. RevMed also offers RevColor, RevDisplay and Rev3D, software solutions and proprietary tools that are compatible with standard MRIs and standard PACS. The software includes sorting of images, color, 3D, and automatic segmentation of images. These tools will enhance the physician's diagnostic confidence in an industry that is growing at 10% - 15% (more than 25 million procedures) per year with a worldwide market potential for these tools that exceeds $3.5 billion. The company is continually looking for new and improved technology through internal product development and acquisition. The company's future growth will be powered by new product line introductions, and the material expansion of existing successful lines. RevMed's Breast Biopsy System (BBS), stereotactic (minimally invasive) image-based localization technology, is one of those product lines pursuing the $9.5 billion breast screening industry. RevMed's Breast Biopsy System, the MRI enhancement software and the SEMDs will be launching in the next 18 months. All three markets are immediately addressable and total more than $14 billion. RevMed recently introduced its proprietary suite of MRI software products at the Radiology Society of North America annual meeting with great success. Radiologists and universities world-wide received presentations at the RMCP booth. A number of these contacts could play an important role in the company's ongoing efforts to clinically validate specific applications of its MRI tools prior to the 2010 commercial launch. Never has health care been a hotter issue, and the focus of the conversation is on increased safety at dramatically reduced cost. Revolutions Medical has the formula for success, and one that has them immediately positioned for a high growth future. With 3 recurring revenue business lines with blended gross margins projected to exceed 50% and anticipated profitability in its first full year of operations, Revolutions Medical Corporation is poised to become a significant player in the healthcare and medical devices industry! RMCP has had several excellent press releases out lately and one again before today's opening bell announcing that recent mass media reports that CT scans cause cancer could rapidly elevate MRI as the technology of choice for musculoskeletal scans and more! The company also announced yesterday that it has forged a distribution partnership for the RevVac safety syringe in South America, one of the world's largest syringe markets! This could be great news for investors!

Revolutions Medical Corporation (OTCBB: RMCP), producers of the RevVac safety syringe, RevColor, RevDisplay and Rev3D MRI Technology, announced today that recent mass media reports that CT scans cause cancer could rapidly elevate MRI as the technology of choice for musculoskeletal scans and more. A resulting spike in the number of MRI scans would not be met by an equal increase in the number of radiologists, making the need to arm the existing ranks with enhanced diagnostic tools a critical one.

According to the Archives of Internal Medicine (, radiation from CT scans done in 2007 alone will cause 29,000 cancers (including 2,000 excess breast cancer cases) and kill nearly 15,000 Americans. Read the following major media outlet features:


Wall Street Journal:


"This is nothing short of a bombshell announcement for the MRI industry," stated Revolutions Medical CTO Richard Theriault. "MRI has long been a potential replacement for CT scans across a variety of applications, but CT has been the physicians' choice as the less expensive of the two options. With the very real dangers of CT now exposed, patient safety will likely trump cost concerns. Moreover, as insurance companies evaluate the financial impact of a cancer case vs. a moderately more expensive scan, the math may drive a mandated move to MRI.

"What does this mean for RevMed? The number of radiologists has remained constant in recent years, even as the Baby Boomers age and MRI scan counts are steadily climbing. We are nearing an alarming tipping point where there will be more scans than professionals to read them; add to that a potential immediate and substantial shift from CT to MRI and the possibility for widespread misdiagnoses is a real one. Radiologists need a tool that makes the reading of scans more efficient and intuitive, and increases diagnostic confidence even at a faster pace. The RevMed MRI Technology (RevColor, RevDisplay and Rev3D) could provide exactly that solution. With our ability to convert standard grayscale scans to segmented, three-dimensional, color images we can help radiologists arrive at the correct diagnosis much more quickly, and at less risk to the patient."

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RevMed's products include the RevVac safety syringe (FDA approved), safety blood drawing device and safety IV catheter. RevMed also provides RevColor, RevDisplay and Rev3D -- software solutions and proprietary tools that are compatible with standard MRIs and standard PACS. The software suite's functionality includes sorting of images, color, 3D and automatic segmentation of images.

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