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January 13, 2010 08:30 ET

Market Pulse Breaking News Alert for Wednesday, January 13, 2010: CTEI -- Cemtrex Inc. Provides Strong 2010 Outlook and Finishes Year Ended Sept. 30, 2009 With 6.9 Million in Sales!

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ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - January 13, 2010) - Market Pulse News Alert for this AM, Stocks to Watch are: Cemtrex Inc. (OTCBB: CTEI), NexMed Inc. (NASDAQ: NEXM), Pacific Ethanol Inc. (NASDAQ: PEIX) and Echo Therapeutics Inc. (OTCBB: ECTE).

Investors need to be watching Cemtrex Inc. (OTCBB: CTEI) this AM! Cemtrex is a worldwide market leader in manufacturing and selling the most advanced equipment, instruments and software for emission monitoring of particulate, opacity, mercury, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc. and filtration products. Emissions monitoring is vital in ensuring that the mandated reductions of Greenhouse gases and SOx, NOx and CO2 under Acid Rain and Kyoto programs are achieved. Cemtrex is a proven leader in providing environmental solutions to the chemicals, pulp and paper, steel, power, coal, and petrochemical industries, as well as to municipalities, hospitals, and state and federal governments. The company's current products include the following: Opacity monitor: Compliance & non-compliance types; Extractive Continuous Emission Monitors; Ammonia Analyzer; Mercury Analyzer; Carbon dioxide and other green house gas monitors. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Griffin Filters, Cemtrex serves the worldwide industrial and concrete markets, providing innovative designs for air pollution control applications in addition to solids processing and product recovery applications. Cemtrex also markets Green Demand-Controlled ventilation (Green DCV), an innovative energy efficiency solution for high-quality green building applications, through optimizing HVAC control systems. Cemtrex's Green DCV creates up to 40% energy savings and improves indoor air quality by enhancing the ventilation of any building. Green DCV's revolutionary design differs from traditional demand control ventilation by being more intelligent, cost effective, and efficient. Cemtrex also provides turnkey services for carbon creation projects from abatement of greenhouse gases pursuant to Kyoto protocol and assists project owners in creating and selling of carbon credits globally. Cemtrex recently announced it has entered into an agreement with a South American coal mine company to develop, supply and construct a coal mine methane (CMM) project to create carbon credits. This CMM project will be developed under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's Clean Development Mechanism, and will generate over 100,000 carbon credits per year. "This CMM project will capture and destroy over 97% of all methane emissions from the coal mines by utilizing various cost-effective technologies," said Arun Govil, CEO & President of Cemtrex. "We anticipate this project to be operational by the end of 2010." The world market for emission monitoring instruments will exceed $2.6 billion/yr by 2011 up from $1.0 billion in 2008. Asia will be the fast growing region as it struggles to solve severe air pollution problems. Eastern European countries represent another growth sector. Cemtrex expects tremendous growth for its Green House gas reduction technologies, carbon credits, energy efficiency products, and emission monitoring system in the coming years due to global warming and world focus on reducing green house gas emissions. Cemtrex sees new opportunities emerging due to the boost received by the current administration's "cap and trade" climate change initiative to fight global warming. This is a market-driven system for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With the adoption of cap-and-trade programs by the United States and other nations the carbon credits market is expected to reach over $700 billion in 2013. Cemtrex Inc. is poised to become a significant player in the scientific and technical instruments technology industry! MP is very excited about the potential this company has! CTEI just had excellent news out in a press release before today's bell announcing a business update and reiterated its expectation that 2010 will be another transformational year as the company forges ahead with plans to become a leading global environmental technology company! The company also provided a very positive business outlook for 2010 after finishing up year ended Sept. 30, 2009 with 6.9 million in sales! This could be great news for investors!

Cemtrex, Inc. (OTCBB: CTEI), an emerging leader in environmental technology, today provided a business update and reiterated its expectation that 2010 will be another transformational year as the company forges ahead with plans to become a leading global environmental technology company.

Business Details:

Cemtrex is an environment technology company with the following distinct business areas:

(i) Emission monitors:

The Company globally sells stack analyzers to utilities, & industrial companies in steel, fertilizer, cement, chemicals and refining markets, to measure particulate, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, Mercury, Oxygen, Hydrocarbons, Nitrogen oxides, ammonia, and other pollutant gases discharging. Company also assembles and sells complete Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) to allow its customer to meet the latest EPA and other local regulations.

(ii) Energy Efficiency:

In 2009, Company developed an energy efficiency product, Green DCV, for commercial buildings that provide up to 40% savings in a clients monthly energy bill by effectively managing their HVAC system. As of to date over twelve Green DCV systems have been installed and are operating successfully. A year ago, this product did not exist. Company first developed a prototype and perfected it during extensive in-house testing and subsequently launched a commercial product.

(iii) Carbon Credits:

The Company provides consulting services on a wide variety of projects that create carbon credits globally. Company also markets MCDR technology that creates carbon credits by capturing methane, a greenhouse gas, from coal mines. Company marketed the technology to coal mines around the world and managed to secure a couple orders from South American coal mines that would utilize its MCDR technology.

(iv) Environmental Control Systems:

The Company through its subsidiary Griffin Filters LLC provides environmental control systems such as fabric filters & scrubbers used to control particulate and gaseous emission from industrial and utility stacks.

2009 Market-Highlights

-- Share price has surged from less than one cent to a 52-week high of $0.75 on 06/08/09.

-- Company moved its stock from Pink Sheets to OTCBB.

-- Currently the Company has 39,722,862 shares outstanding.

-- For the fiscal year ended September 30, 2009 the Company had sales of $6,967,992.00 with a net income of $158,455.00.

2010 Outlook

FY 2010 will be another transformational year for Cemtrex Inc. During the past fiscal year we have made substantial progress in positioning ourselves for the emerging opportunities in the energy efficiency, mercury monitoring and the global carbon credits business.

Company has launched a massive nationwide marketing campaign to promote Green DCV with architect, HVAC contractors and Building owners. Green DCV has also been approved for energy rebate by several large utilities nationwide. We expect increased Green DCV sales volume in fiscal 2010 due to greater demand for energy efficiency products nationwide. Company also expects to secure additional orders for its MCDR technology in 2010 due to continued growth in the carbon credits business. The Company expects to secure several large orders for environmental control systems through its subsidiary Griffin Filters as the demand for such systems is on the rise globally.

At Cemtrex, we are passionate about our business model and the results that we can derive from it within the next few years. We strongly believe that the combination of our continued dedicated pursuance of opportunities and the current climate of emphasis on energy efficiency and reduction of green house gases, that hold the potential to drive growth, will help boost annual revenues in FY 2010.

From a stock market perspective, we continue to create shareholder value, provide maximum transparency into our operations, relay our growth story to greater audience, and establish a line of communication to institutional investors.

We are working hard to build a profitable company that will be a dominant market leader within the next few years. At this point, we would like to thank our long term shareholders, who have been with us from "Pink Sheet" days, for their continued interest and reiterate our promise of making 2010 another lucrative year for them. We sincerely thank all our shareholders for their support and look forward to updating you as the need arises.

Stocks in the news and acting well as of late include: NexMed Inc. (NASDAQ: NEXM), Pacific Ethanol Inc. (NASDAQ: PEIX) and Echo Therapeutics Inc. (OTCBB: ECTE).

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