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October 12, 2005 08:30 ET

Market Pulse Breaking News Alert for Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2005: TMXO - PLC Network Solutions Finalizes Agreement to Install BPL Devices and Services With Bellview Communities, Scottsdale, Arizona!

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ATLANTA, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 12, 2005 -- Market Pulse News Alert for this AM, Stocks to Watch are: Trimax Corporation (OTC BB: TMXO), BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: BCRX), Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) and RealNetworks Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK).

Investors need to be watching Trimax Corporation (OTC BB: TMXO) this AM! Trimax, through its wholly owned subsidiary PLC Network Solutions Inc., offers a range of Broadband over Power line (BPL) solutions, which includes offering secure 128kb high-speed Internet access, VoIP services and the emerging IPTV technology. The company delivers its products and services over the existing power grid. Consumers can enjoy always-on high-speed broadband access and electricity simultaneously from every electrical outlet in the premises at bandwidth speeds many times faster than cable, DSL or satellite. PLC Network Solutions' technology has been successfully deployed in over 25 countries around the globe, and can be installed in commercial and residential applications, including homes, apartments, office buildings, hotels, schools, shopping malls, museums and government buildings. TMXO is poised to be a significant player in this rapidly growing technology sector. TMXO just had excellent news out in a press release before today's opening bell announcing that it has closed an agreement with Bellview Communities to install its BPL devices and bundled services at The Plaza Residences in Scottsdale, Arizona! Investors should be watching this one closely!

Trimax Corporation (OTC BB: TMXO) through its wholly owned subsidiary, PLC Network Solutions ("PLC"), today announced that it has closed an agreement with Belleview Communities to install its Broadband over Powerline (BPL) devices, and bundled services (ISP and VoIP Provider) in The Plaza Residences, Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Plaza Residences in Scottsdale is a gated community that consists of 348 luxurious residences. The Plaza Residences are located directly across from Kierland, the 750-acre master-planned premier "urban style" community which is arguably one of the most desired addresses in Arizona. PLC's new 205mbps Broadband over Powerline devices will provide The Plaza Residences with symmetrical upload and download speeds of 20-30 mbps -- more than enough to run high bandwidth applications such as VoIP, video-on-demand and IPTV on one convenient platform. In addition, PLC Network Solutions is pleased to have been chosen the ISP and VoIP provider for The Plaza Residences, which will allow PLC to revenue share with the condo association and benefit from the recurring revenues from these services.

The managing partners of Belleview Communities are excited with this BPL initiative and see applications across their portfolio of properties throughout North America, including their new 750-unit high-rise condominium that will be built on 3rd Avenue in downtown Phoenix which is to be designed and implemented with BPL communications technologies.

PLC's BPL technology uses the existing electrical wiring to deliver broadband to every electrical outlet throughout the building and networks all computers, printers and faxes etc. within the tenant's premises. The technology is usually installed in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks or months, and avoids the expense and disruption of tearing apart walls to run new cables.

Derek Pepler, President of PLC Network Solutions, stated: "We are very pleased to have Belleview Communities as the first residential developer to implement our 205mbps BPL devices and bundled services within the United States. PLC Network Solutions anticipates a large part of PLC's initial sales to come from the continental U.S. Approximately 60% of U.S. residents do not have access to broadband -- we hope Broadband over Powerline technology can help to quickly bridge this digital divide. This technology holds great promise as a low-cost, high-bandwidth broadband solution. PLC's technology turns the existing ubiquitous power line infrastructure into a "third wire" for delivering data, voice and video to homes and businesses. As consumers increasingly demand economical bandwidth solutions for a range of new applications such as VOIP and IPTV, we believe there will be a strong trend toward the adoption of these low-cost BPL technologies worldwide."

"We are thrilled to be integrating this amazing new technology (BPL) into our buildings, as well as having PLC Network Solutions as our ISP and VoIP provider," stated Cal DeSouza, Managing Partner of Belleview Communities. "Broadband access has become an essential service and having Broadband over Powerline technology in our buildings is an asset we will be able to use to attract and retain residents. This plug-and-play technology is easy to administer and maintain, and even easier for our tenants to use. The increased availability of bandwidth will enable our tenants access to other services such as VoIP, video-on-demand and IPTV when they are required."

About PLC Network Solutions Inc.

PLC Network Solutions Inc. specializes in Broadband over Power line (BPL) technologies. This technology has been successfully deployed in over 25 countries around the globe, in homes, apartments, office towers, schools, hotels, hospitals, museums and Government buildings. PLC Network Solutions offers a range of broadband-over-power-line solutions, which includes offering secure 128kb high-speed Internet access, VoIP services and soon to be offered IPTV technology. The company believes that BPL will be the next widely accepted technology. PLC Network Solutions anticipates that the company and its devices will be at the forefront of this new technology revolution, which will include expanding its reach throughout the world.

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About Park Plaza Towers

The principals of Belleview Communities have developed over $300 million worth of homes and condominiums for over 20 years across North America. The Plaza Residences are situated within one of Scottsdale's more wealthy neighborhoods. Belleview Communities mission is simply -- to provide the homeowner with a quality home, for the lowest price possible, in an ideally located neighborhood.

Stocks in the news and acting well as of late include: BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: BCRX), Apple Computer Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) and RealNetworks Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK).

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