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October 01, 2008 08:30 ET

Market Pulse Breaking News Alert for Wednesday, October 1, 2008: PRRY - Planet Resource Recovery Continues to Make Positive Progress on All Facets of Its Business Plan!

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ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - October 1, 2008) - Market Pulse News Alert for this AM, Stocks to Watch are: Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PRRY), Wachovia Corporation (NYSE: WB), Huntsman Corporation (NYSE: HUN) and Elray Resources Inc. (OTCBB: ELRA).

Investors need to be watching Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PRRY) this AM! Planet Resource Recovery is the developer and manufacturer of the PetroLuxus™ family of chemical products. PetroLuxus™ is a proprietary, environmentally friendly chemical that dislodges hydrocarbons (oil) in practically all natural and man-made environments. PetroLuxus™ products can be applied to multiple hydrocarbon recovery and production enhancement applications including: separation and collection of hydrocarbons in contaminated soil remediation, bio-diesel feedstock treatment to promote separation of water and particulates, treatment for more efficient separation and recovery of methanol, fatty acids and glycerin in bio-diesel production, treatment of rheospectic compounds produced from the use of oil based drilling muds to recovery oil and reduce hazardous waste, downhole well stimulation for enhancing oil production in marginal producing wells, cost effective and environmentally friendly recovery of oil from Utah tar sands, cost effective cleaning of storage tank bottoms and oil recovery, oil recovery and remediation of sludge and tailing ponds, treatment of heavy oil from removal of water and adulterates with improvement to flow characteristics, to name a few. Through the acquisition and formation of wholly-owned subsidiaries, PRRY deploys the PetroLuxus™ products. RADA Technologies, Inc. designs and engineers new mechanical processing equipment proprietary to PetroLuxus™ products while simultaneously providing fuel inventory management services reducing loss to increase gain for its customers. Oil Recovery Ventures, LLC deploys PetroLuxus™ through joint ventures in the Enhanced Oil Recovery market. PRRY commenced working with an AMEX listed oil production company in January 2008, with the goal to treat a series of wells to increase oil production with its down hole treatment product -- PetroLuxus™ MMMF. The company's wells are in the Austin Chalk formation in Texas. Oil production at the primary treated well for February and March 2008 has been significantly improved with over 285 and 287 barrels, respectively, of oil for each month, and through April 21, 2008 the well has continued to average about ten barrels of oil per day. PRRY recently announced the collaboration between the company and Affordable Bio Feedstock of Florida aimed at developing a process utilizing PetroLuxus™ products for the separation and recovery of oils from waste trap grease materials rendering an affordable, marketable grease feedstock for biodiesel producers. Affordable Bio Feedstock has purchase commitments from Biodiesel producers approaching 50 million gallons of raw feedstock annually once the technology is developed and deployed. The National Renewable Energy Lab estimates the US generates 495 million gallons of waste grease trap material yearly -- which does not include millions of gallons of waste grease captured at municipal water treatment plants. This quantity of raw feedstock represents an estimated $25 million per year revenue stream for Planet Resource Recovery. Planet Resource Recovery's pilot manufacturing plant is operational with PetroLuxus™ ready for commercialization. PRRY is dedicated to maximizing the recovery and production of hydrocarbon resources, reducing America's dependency on foreign oil and minimizing the environmental impact of petroleum based hazardous waste through ecologically responsible and profitable remediation efforts benefiting clients, associates and investors. Sales through a dedicated distributor network, design and construction of specific applications processes, and participation in joint ventures for enhanced profitability ensure a strategy of introduction of the PetroLuxus™ family of products to the widest audience. Planet Resource Recovery is poised to become a significant player in the petrochemical/oil services industry! PRRY just had excellent news out in a press release before today's opening bell announcing an update on activities and progress. Despite a slowdown in production due to Hurricane Ike and the volatility of the market place, Planet Resource continues to make positive progress on all facets of its business plan! Investors should be watching this one closely!

Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PRRY), provides shareholder update on activities and progress. Despite a slowdown in production due to Hurricane Ike and the volatility of the market place, Planet continues to make positive progress on all facets of its business plan.

As of September 28, 2008 the company's production facility was completely back online with the restoration of electrical power. All procured generators have been taken offline and set up for return shipment to providers. Manufacturing facility personnel are resuming production of PetroLuxus™ products and R&D continues in the lab. The expansion project of the manufacturing facilities is anticipated to resume this week. Corporate offices in Houston have been operational for the past week.


Although the PetroLuxus™ line of products has numerous applications in the oil and gas industry, the company is currently strictly focused on the development and commercialization of three specific applications: Enhanced Oil Recovery, pretreatment of Brine water and treatment of waste brown grease for the capture of oil as a biodiesel feedstock.

The Enhanced Oil Recovery market is where Planet is currently deriving its revenues. Sales of PetroLuxus™ MMMF and WC-100 for Q109 and Q209 were $30,284 and $61,194 respectively. Planet continues to treat new wells as a result of its marketing efforts.

Other applications of pretreatment of Brine water and waste brown grease are being pursued aggressively to complete technology development to commercialize these processes. Since the commencement of our collaboration on the waste brown grease, Planet has received numerous inquires both domestically and internationally for this technology.


Planet launched its marketing campaign to Texas-based oil and gas operators at the beginning of Q209 with the release of 60 sec and 30 sec commercials. Both of these commercials have and/or will be airing in the Houston, Austin and San Antonio markets raising the awareness of oil producers to the benefits of the PetroLuxus™ line of products. Additionally, Planet has launched a direct mail campaign to oil & gas operators in the State of Texas. The direct mail campaign coupled with the television advertisements are resulting in numerous inquiries by operators.

On September 3, 2008, Planet was the feature story in the Houston Chronicle article titled "Making every drop count -- Houston startup joins others in trying to get more oil from existing wells." Planet continues its media relations efforts and anticipates more industry, mainstream and financial media coverage in the near future.

Oil Recovery Ventures, LLC

With positive results of increased production in the EOR market, Planet's wholly-owned subsidiary, Oil Recovery Ventures, LLC commenced efforts to locate potential candidates for acquisition. After considerable due diligence, Oil Recovery Ventures, LLC has identified two potential candidates in West Texas. Oil Recovery Ventures, LLC is commencing negotiations with the selling parties. The primary acquisition target is currently producing 120 BOPD (Barrels of Oil per day). Based on recent engineering reports, consultants estimate that once wells are worked over, the increased field production to be over 500 BOPD. Completion of these acquisitions are dependent upon complete due diligence, negotiations, funding and approval by the board.

On April 8, 2008, Planet's independent auditors completed the company's audited financials -- available at Since completion the company has been working with SEC counsel to complete and file the regulatory documentation for application to become effective for a higher exchange. Progress is being made in this area but the company cannot give a specific date on becoming effective due the regulatory process.

About Planet Resource Recovery, Inc.

Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. is the developer, manufacturer and marketer of the PetroLuxus™ family of products, a proprietary environmentally friendly chemical compound that dislodges oil in practically all natural and man-made environments. The PetroLuxus™ family of products are effective and efficient solutions for the remediation and recovery of petroleum-based products. PetroLuxus™ applications include Enhanced Oil Recovery, Oil Sands, oil spills, oil tank farm cleaning, marine ship cleaning, remediation of oil sludge pits, treatment of raw fuel feedstocks, waste oil segregation and biodiesel, to name a few. Through the acquisition and formation of wholly-owned subsidiaries, Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. deploys the PetroLuxus™ products. Oil Recovery Ventures, Inc. deploys PetroLuxus™ through joint ventures in the Enhanced Oil Recovery market.

For an audio/visual demonstration of PetroLuxus™, click on the link For more information visit: or

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