SOURCE: Market Tech Media

November 14, 2012 06:00 ET

Market Tech Media Reviews Supermarkets as Unique Place to Reach Targeted Consumers

As Marketing Companies Shift to Embrace New Forms of Advertising -- Such as Through the Internet -- Many Are Finding That It Is More Valuable to Uniquely Target Consumers Rather Than Promote to Everyone; As a Company That Uses Direct Strategies, Market Tech Media Reviews Its Strengths

VALENCIA, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 14, 2012) - Throughout modern history, advertisements have pervaded every aspect of life; people see them on billboards, on television, on radio, in direct mailers, in magazines and on the Internet. While these promotions may provide a great way to inform consumers of new products or services, a recent article from Business 2 Community reveals that broad marketing methods may be more of an interruption to consumers than a chance for enlightenment. The article continues to suggest that those marketing companies that take the time to learn when and where to reach targeted consumers will receive a greater return on their efforts. Although many marketing companies may still believe that advertising the same way across the country reaches everyone, Market Tech Media reviews local advertising as an even more beneficial and cost-effective approach.

According to Market Tech Media reviews of advertising methods, it is best to form advertisements that connect directly to consumers. The company, which specializes in crafting unique local advertisements for community businesses has found that widespread promotions only attract business from a small percentage of the audience that actually sees the ad; this is not only a waste of resources and time, it is a waste of money.

The Business 2 Community article takes a similar approach and notes, "It doesn't matter if your target audience watches the Super Bowl with everyone else unless everyone is your target. You need to identify opportunities to target your audience and almost no one else, otherwise you are just advertising to everyone!" Market Tech Media reviews these strategies and has found a successful recipe for promotional activity.

The company creates and supplies register tape coupons and promotions that are printed alongside supermarket receipts each time a consumer makes a purchase. This method is not an interruption to the consumer, and it is reaching out to those who are already interested in saving money and spending money locally, as they have done at their community grocery store.

In a recent press statement, Market Tech Media reviews the suggestions in the Business 2 Community article and concludes, "We have found that targeted marketing is the most cost effective kind. You can get the same results as the businesses that spend millions on Super Bowl advertising by placing an ad in your local grocery store. That store spends billions in advertising to bring in customers in a five-mile radius of your business, the exact people you want to see your ads!"


Market Tech Media reviews effective ways to impact local markets by providing ways for area businesses to promote to consumers within their communities. In addition to its Adcart and Bounceback advertising program, Market Tech Media reviews supermarket register tape promotions as one of the best ways to reach local consumers. Clients of this Market Tech Media enjoy the benefits of advertising through the Register Tape Network, and continue to experience repeat business as a result of this form of marketing.