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December 12, 2006 10:40 ET

Market Wire and the Society of Professional Journalists to Present New Journalism Education Series

LOS ANGELES, CA--(CCNMatthews - December 12, 2006) - Market Wire, a leading newswire in North America and a full service distributor of company press releases and material news, will be the first to present a unique, new educational service developed by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) to help people understand the tenets of responsible journalism and the profound importance of a free press.

SPJ's new Journalism Education Series is a first-of-its-kind initiative that will launch early next year under the auspices of the Society's new Speakers Bureau. The series and the bureau aim to inform the general public about some of the core principles of good journalism, the standards under which respectable news organizations operate and the challenges journalists often confront when gathering the news. The series will focus on SPJ's core missions, including the free flow of public information, journalism ethics and the importance of diversity in the newsgathering process.

SPJ will select experienced journalists and experts in media ethics and media law to devise the series' curriculum and instruct all series participants.

Within the newswire industry, SPJ will work exclusively with Market Wire for one year. Market Wire plans to present the Journalism Education Series to professionals working in investor, media and public relations. At the same time, SPJ also plans to deliver the series -- the development of which is made possible in part because of Market Wire's initial investment -- to an array of community and civic groups.

"SPJ has created a dynamic and educational program and speakers bureau that will help people understand how newsrooms generally work and how responsible and respectable journalists do their jobs," said SPJ National President Christine Tatum, an assistant business editor at The Denver Post. "Such insight and instruction stand to make newsgathering more transparent to the general public and encourage more people to engage with news organizations everywhere.

"I am pleased that Market Wire has decided to present SPJ's Journalism Education Series to its customers, many of whom work in public and investor relations," Tatum said. "It is vitally important for everyone who claims to be gathering information for the benefit of a well-informed public to know the difference between fact and fiction, between lies of omission and commission, between information that is genuinely helpful to the public and information that is solely self-serving."

"Market Wire actively seeks counsel from journalists nationwide," said Paolina Milana, Market Wire's vice president of marketing and media relations. "We believe it is important for professionals working in public, media and investor relations to understand and respect the core principles of sound journalism. Newswires can serve as a neutral ground where professionals with longstanding -- and easily understandable -- distrust of each other meet to learn more about those principles. Our objective is to facilitate that dialogue."

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