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August 22, 2006 12:00 ET

Market2Lead Announces Availability of Gold Edition Suite for B2B Marketers

Automated Marketing Solution Accelerates Demand Through Sales Conversion Cycle

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 22, 2006 -- Market2Lead, a leading provider of 'Software-as-a-Service' (SaaS) automated demand generation effectiveness solutions for business-to-business (B2B) marketers, announced today the availability of The Gold Edition of its powerful Market2Lead Suite. The Gold Edition features several automation modules that drive quick return on marketing investments including:

--  an advanced response collection system that dynamically builds
    customer profiles across a variety of channels such as call centers, direct
    marketing and digital response programs
--  an automated list segmentation and adaptive nurturing engine that uses
    the deep profile data to enhance targeting relevancy, accuracy, and
--  a sophisticated scoring engine that ensures the highest quality leads
    are sent to sales, allowing less-mature leads to be automatically nurtured
    within the marketing engine
--  near real-time analytics to enable superior information flow and
    decision making
With the Gold Edition, small, medium and large sales organizations can derive the lead quantity and quality benefits previously only available for larger enterprise marketing organizations -- higher quality leads which can more readily be converted into immediate sales revenue.

"Increasingly, sales and marketing professionals are held accountable for every dollar and hour invested in growing revenues and satisfying customers," stated Leslie Ament, Practice Leader and Director of Customer Intelligence Research for AberdeenGroup. "Our research demonstrates that leveraging rules-based workflows to automate interactions with prospects based on propensity to purchase is often the difference between success and failure in converting leads to sales."

Market2Lead's modular product suite is designed to enable marketers to identify and gather those key attributes associated with propensity to purchase and then enable them to quickly act upon those attributes, driving the conversion of leads to revenue.

The Suite consists of three modules:

Turbo Web2lead provides integrated response management to optimize the quality and quantity of lead information:

--  Progressive Profiling to gather deep prospect insight, quickly
--  Intelligent Interaction Manager to optimize message relevancy
--  Configurable Data Capture and Data Quality Standards to ensure High
    Quality Data
--  Lead Scoring to ensure optimal sales conversion rates
The M2L Bronze Edition provides highly relevant precision targeted marketing:
--  personalized outbound email marketing to optimize response rates
--  dynamic list segmentation to ensure marketing always acts upon the
    best data available
--  'end-to-end' marketing effectiveness reporting to ensure spend is
    continually optimized
The new M2L Gold Edition is designed as an addition to the Bronze Edition and provides two new powerful feature categories to further automate marketing to ensure optimal sales conversion rates coupled with a real time lead nurture engine to increase the quantity and quality of leads entering the sales funnel.

Outbound Marketing:

-    Advanced List segmentation that unites self-reported and behavioral
     data further enabling precision targeted marketing and superior
     message relevancy
-    Automated nurture (drip) campaigns that dynamically incorporate new
     response data to increase lead conversion rates and enhance
     revenue generation
-    Bi-directional integration with SFA to ensure:
      - Sales receives a 360 degree view of the customer
      - Marketing receives timely feedback on the effectiveness of its
-    Highly personalized outbound email messaging to optimize
     response rates
Advanced Analytics:
-    Near real-time campaign effectiveness reporting
      - Target quantity
      - Delivered quantity with detailed undeliverable reporting
      - Open rate
      - Click-through rate
      - Form completion and abandonment statistics
      - Number of page visits and unique visitors within a campaign
      - Number of downloads
-    Data quality capture metrics
      - Response validity scoring metrics
      - Geo-validation and repeat visitor recognition metrics
      - Duplication prevention metrics
"Our customers tell us that merely automating marketing processes to create efficiencies does not necessarily equal more sales," said Geoff Rego, founder and CEO. "They select Market2Lead because we address sales effectiveness by providing results through each interaction and all communication channels. The Gold Edition allows our customers to 'connect the dots' through the complete marketing and sales lead process. This new solution places our powerful, automated outbound and nurture marketing engine in our customers' hands without the need to install and maintain additional software. They can then leverage the superior data quality and deep customer insight gathered in our integrated response collection solution," Mr. Rego added.

Currently, every sales lead from White Hat Security's online marketing campaigns is processed by Market2Lead's technology. "Before implementing Market2Lead's automated demand generation solution, we sent raw responders directly to our Salesforce account and called them leads. With Market2Lead, we can gather deeper insight and that allows our Sales team to define what a lead actually means to us. Because of this, the quality of the leads we have received has increased dramatically," said Jeff Gall, Vice-President of Sales for White Hat Security.

Market2Lead Inc. is the leading provider of Automated Marketing Solutions which Accelerate Demand and revenue growth. With a unique focus on the inbound leg of marketing campaigns, our patent pending prospect interaction technologies enable Marketers to gather deeper, high quality prospect data which is leveraged in our advanced marketing automation engine, seamlessly improving each step of the marketing and sales process, accelerating revenue generation and profitability.

Incorporated in 2003, the company is founded by a dedicated team of experienced technology, marketing and sales professionals. Collectively they have held senior management and architect positions in corporations such as Oracle, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, InsWeb and Asera, and their systems have powered over 50 millions leads to date.

Market2Lead Inc. is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with a technology development center in India.

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