January 08, 2007 09:00 ET

Marketcircle Releases Billings 2: Send Stunning, Professional Invoices or Estimates in Less Than Five Minutes

Extensive Beta User Feedback Adds Numerous Must-Have Features

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 8, 2007 -- MACWORLD -- After undergoing Beta testing with thousands of Mac users who have enjoyed its time-tracking and invoicing features, Billings 2 is available immediately from Marketcircle, the Mac business software company. Within five minutes Mac business and creative professionals can use Billings 2 to create stunning, customized invoices, project estimates, and detailed reports. Billings 2 can be purchased immediately for US $59, and is also offered for a free 21-day trial at

"Marketcircle is the Mac business software company, and there's nothing more core to Mac businesses than the timely creation and collection of invoices," says Marketcircle President Alykhan Jetha. "Billings 2 aims to be faster and more convenient at producing invoices than any other single-user desktop or online application. Billings 2 users will spend less time on administrative invoicing tasks and more time doing what they love, earning more money while they do it."

Mac-based professionals using Billings 2 benefit from a host of practical, convenient, and timesaving features, including:

--  A built-in set-up assistant and a simple, intuitive, and elegant user
    interface that ensures Billings 2 is easy to get up and running
--  Appealing, fully customizable templates for estimates, invoices, and
    envelopes for a polished, professional image
--  A convenient menu-bar timer to control Billings 2 without interrupting
--  A fully customizable sales tax/VAT system with more than 120 global
    presets, eliminating mind-numbing calculations
--  Straightforward import of contacts, projects, opportunities and
    activities from Marketcircle's award-winning Daylite productivity manager
--  Easy data export to share Billings 2 data with accounting and
    bookkeeping software
--  Business critical functions like unpaid invoices and tax reports,
    automatic invoice numbering, and a retainer handling system
Marketcircle collected feedback and suggestions during a public Beta of Billings 2 involving thousands of Mac businesspeople. As a result, additional customer-driven features enhance Billings 2, including:
--  An idle time monitor that intelligently alerts users when they have
    been inactive, ensuring accurate time tracking
--  Automatic deduction and display of down-payments on outgoing invoices
--  Reports, including Projected Estimate versus Actual Time and Cost
--  Additional estimate, invoice, and envelope styles for an even more
    professional, attractive presentation
Billings 2 integrates easily into existing productivity workflows, integrating fully with Mac OS X's Address Book, publishing events to iCal, and making information available via Spotlight. For optimal performance on any Mac, Billings 2 is a universal application working on Intel and PowerPC processors.

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Marketcircle Inc., the Mac business software company, develops award-winning business applications for Mac OS X, including Daylite productivity management software, Daylite Mail Integration Module (DMI), and Billings 2, a practical time billing and invoicing application. Incorporated in 1999, Marketcircle Inc. is located in Toronto, Canada, with offices in London, United Kingdom, and partners worldwide.

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