October 11, 2013 09:00 ET

Marketers Can Embrace a More Risky Strategy If Underpinned With the Right Research, Suggests Cint

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN--(Marketwired - Oct. 11, 2013) - Whilst brands may wish to adopt pioneering marketing strategies in order to appear bold and capture the attention of consumers, such a departure from the norm could be risky, and many businesses may not be able to afford such free reign to make potentially costly mistakes. However, according to global provider of market insight Cint, marketers need not feel stifled and can embrace riskier ground if their efforts are underpinned with research.

The rise of the digital era and new wave of social platforms offers more opportunity for experimentation, as well as an ability to refine them, whilst fierce market competition brings a greater need for campaigns that deeply resonate with customers.

Many big brands are keen to encourage creative ideas and invest in ways to enable this. Google, for instance, encourages employees to spend a proportion of their working week on special projects and empowers them to run with ideas, contributing in a meaningful way to the development of innovative ideas. Nevertheless, however large the brand, a small step in the wrong direction to attract consumers could be costly, in terms of reputation as well as wasted resource, but with the availability of DIY market research software marketers can quickly test ideas on target audiences before launching into new territory.

Cint's CEO, Bo Mattsson, says: "The initiatives launched in big companies which empower employees, especially those in marketing departments, and try to do away with the fear culture that comes with suggesting something new or 'out there' are a great way to encourage creativity. However, brands should still be cautious and not get carried away with a big idea without appropriate research. For brands large and small, getting it right first time is crucial, and that is where effective research to evaluate the market and gauge opinion prior to carrying out potentially risky strategies comes into play."

Gaining this kind of market intelligence for marketing concepts may once have been considered too costly or complicated, but the growth in DIY research tools, offering access to established survey panels, means it is a cost effective and reliable tactic businesses of all sizes are choosing to employ.

Bo added: "With the right research, smaller brands and companies can still take a leaf from the book of the bolder brands in trying new ideas, and the bigger brands can proceed with more creative and potentially costly campaigns, confident that the research has shown it will be a sound investment."

Cint's range of DIY research tools include Cint Engage, a platform allowing users to set up their own panels in order to interact with existing consumers or clients and Cint Access which allows users to obtain opinions from over 10 million people. For further information on these tools and more visit

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