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January 25, 2016 07:00 ET

Marketing Automation Hindered by Classic Data Issues; Openprise's 2016 MarTech Data Report Reveals

Data Management Is Top Hire, and Priority for 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - January 25, 2016) -  Openprise, a data automation SaaS company, issued its inaugural 2016 MarTech Data Report today. Based on an online survey that gathered insights from more than 400 U.S. sales and marketing professionals, the report examines trends in data management and marketing automation, as well as 2016 MarTech priorities and challenges. A copy of the 2016 MarTech Data Report is available on

Openprise's 2016 MarTech Data Report finds data issues are the key blockers for realizing the return on investment for Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP). In fact, the basic issue of data hygiene still dominates over the more advanced issues of enrichment and data segmentation, with data headaches becoming more intensified as marketing programs become more sophisticated.

Perhaps as a result, MAP use remains basic to moderate, with a whopping 40% of respondents admitting that they have never practiced more advanced marketing tactics, including Personalization and Ideal Customer Profiling. 

The findings also reveal that nearly half (45%) of marketing automation users reported a lack of time as the main cause preventing the use of advanced marketing automation. Additionally, the survey reveals that analytics and reporting, as well as data management activities, demand more time than any other marketing related efforts. These results suggest MAP users are acutely aware of the significant time investment required by marketing automation and data related activities, and that the more data and automation you have, the more time-consuming and difficult it is to manage that data and derive clear insights.

Data Hygiene Challenges
Data hygiene issues, such as data scrubbing and deduplication, dominate as a key problem with almost half (49%) of respondents using MAP. Consistent with this, fifty-five percent of survey respondents said incorrect data was one of the key contributors to poor quality data. Fifty-one percent of respondents indicated that missing data also contributed to data quality, and 1 in 2 respondents reported data decay as a critical challenge.

Lead Scoring
This study also points to trends around lead scoring. While 78% of MAP users do score leads, of those, only half actually use it for lead qualification, and the confidence is low, averaging 6 out of 10. Sales favors demographic data while marketing puts a much bigger emphasis on lead behavior.

2016 Top 3 MarTech Priorities
Data management was identified as a top priority, with forty-three percent of survey respondents noting it as one of the top three MarTech priorities for 2016. Additionally, thirty-nine percent of respondents indicated analytics as an area of focus in 2016, with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), such as Salesforce noted as the key area of attention for about one-third of marketing and sales professionals.

2016 MarTech Challenges
The survey highlights data quality and management as the top two MarTech challenges in 2016. Of the survey respondents who identified these challenges, thirty percent of MAP users reported data quality as a major challenge in 2016, with twenty-three percent of MAP users noting data management as an area of concern in 2016.

Data Management: Top Hire in 2016
The data theme continues in 2016 hiring trends with thirty-six percent of respondents citing data management as the top hire in 2016. This response applied to both internal and agency hiring. For those armed with marketing automation, the need for data management becomes greater, at fifty percent compared to thirty-six percent of all respondents. Curiously, the survey also reveals sluggish demand for marketing automation hires with just nine percent of respondents focused on this hiring segment for 2016.

"To compete in today's data-driven economy, companies must maximize data quality and management," said Ed King, CEO, Openprise. "This is further evidenced by our 2016 MarTech Data Report, which clearly identifies data quality and management as a key focus for sales and marketing professionals. As business runs on data, organizations are starting to recognize data quality and management as the unsung heroes of demand generation. Organizations lacking correct data and technical skills should look for agencies with strong data management practices, as well as new data automation solutions that are easy-to-use and affordable."

Based on on-line responses collected from a poll of more than 400 sales and marketing professionals in the U.S. The poll was conducted in November 2015. The Openprise 2016 MarTech Data Report is the first annual report focused on sales/marketing operations and demand generation data management.

About Openprise:
Openprise is a data automation SaaS solution enabling business users to automate repetitive data tasks for the purpose of system integration, process automation, and analytics. Openprise's solution allows users to create automated data flows and management rules without coding. As data is often dirty and fragmented, managing sales, marketing, and other business data across Cloud services, on-premise systems, and spreadsheets is a constant challenge. Openprise enables marketing and sales operations to easily move, clean, segment, transform, and share data. Openprise is free for up to 50MB/mo. Paid subscriptions start at just $100/mo. For more information, please visit

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