Marketing Endeavours.

Marketing Endeavours.

February 25, 2011 08:25 ET

Marketing Endeavours Push for More Innovation from Industry Leaders

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 25, 2011) - Marketing Endeavours are demanding a more innovative business approach from industry leaders as 2011 has had a very slow start to the year. Marketing Endeavours have evolved and created more innovative business ideas through the recession and are now speaking out to industry professionals who have not seen the growth many had predicted for 2011. As the start to 2011 has been slow, organisations and businesses need to strive to discover more opportunity for growth to ensure survival for their businesses.

Five years ago, GE launched a development program called 'Leadership, Innovation and Growth" (LIG) to encourage innovation and growth from within the current team and teach how to translate those ideas into initiatives with real results. "This sort of internal development is brilliant, allowing your own team to take part and get excited about changes within a company is a great way of building momentum and drive when implementing a change." says Sara King Cote of Marketing Endeavours.

Industry leaders have the responsibility of investing in a business's future. Encouraging innovation allows for leaders to think beyond the day to day role of making money and more about the long term business development. Marketing Endeavours Managing Director, Sara King Cote continues "by intentionally adding a new process or idea that can be sustained, repeated and add value and growth to a business will be the biggest challenge a business will face but will have a huge impact on success".

Innovation enhances competitiveness and sustainability within the workplace and will allow for economic growth and more employment opportunities. Looking at new ways of improving performance by the development of current employee's skills, transparent communication practices, encouragement of junior staff to put ideas forward to decision makers and employee empowerment schemes will assist not only with business growth strategies by allowing every team member in the business a sense of achievement and success.

Business models that encourage employees of all levels to assist with their business innovation will create a stronger loyalty from within the team. Encouraging a strong team environment through tough economic times will add a sense of security for employees. "When people feel safe and secure in their jobs and are encouraged to help the business be more innovative they generally are more than happy to take on extra responsibilities and go that extra mile to ensure targets are met. This sort of loyalty from staff will be significant when implementing changes" says Sara King Cote, Marketing Endeavours.

Business model innovation is a very powerful strategy for growing a campaign or company and as the economy begins to recover innovation will continue to be a strong tool to ensure development and survival of a business.

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