Marketing Endeavours

Marketing Endeavours

May 20, 2011 06:31 ET

Marketing Endeavours See Events Boom in Birmingham

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 20, 2011) - Marketing Endeavours a successful direct marketing firm have focused specifically on events over the last 6 months and have seen a significant boom in demand within the Birmingham market.

Marketing Endeavours are outsourced to develop event campaigns for clients from within the telecom and energy industries and with the success surrounding London based sales and marketing events demand has grown in the West Midlands which has enabled Marketing Endeavours to launch events in Birmingham.

Marketing services through events has become a growing trend and it is important for a business to do on a consistent basis. When demand in a specific industry is high, the target audience or consumers must know that the business exists in order to buy. Promotions and marketing through events is a very successful way of achieving awareness of the brand. "Each client we work with may have a different objective or reason for wanting representation an event and being well educated on the services they provide allows us as an outsourced company to relate the brand to different types of people and build loyalty to our clients brands. We take what we do for our clients very seriously and having an opportunity to expand into Birmingham and develop these event campaigns is very exciting for us." says Ivan Fowkes, Manager of Marketing Endeavours Birmingham.

Events allow an avenue for business to engage consumers and increase revenue. Marketing Endeavours will use demand generation to educate consumers at events to build a strong and loyal customer base for their clients. "Most of our clients use us to develop their event campaigns as something that is a huge focus for us is relationship development. Yes, we promote their brands, market and sell their services but if we can't build a strong and loyal customer base there is nothing that differentiates us from every other promotional company out there" adds Ivan Fowkes of Marketing Endeavours Birmingham.

The new demand for Marketing Endeavours to develop event sales and marketing campaigns in Birmingham shows the need for consumer interaction and education from real people. Events are an efficient face-to-face medium for consumers and as they are a hybrid of marketing and sales activity there is opportunity to combine other elements of the industry such as lead generation, brand awareness and advertising.

Marketing Endeavours are confident they will see the same success at the Birmingham events as they have proved in London over the past two quarters.

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