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May 16, 2011 17:01 ET

CORRECTION: Marketing Results Maximized Through Internet Marketing Firm Wolf21's Unique 3-Zone Approach

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 16, 2011) -

The following corrects and replaces the release issued at 5:01 pm ET today, due to multiple revisions. The complete and corrected release follows.

A unique 3-Zone internet marketing system helps clients maximize results and understand where to invest their marketing dollars, according to internet marketing firm, Wolf21. The three zones drive traffic to a client's website, maximize lead volumes and online sales from that traffic, and build trust and relationship through email campaigns that foster future sales conversions. By understanding how these three clearly-defined zones impact their business, people can make smart investment decisions and create unified and effective marketing campaigns.

Zone 1, Traffic Generation, involves driving traffic to a business website through the most effective channel, whether that is search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC). Zone 2, Website Conversion, maximizes lead volumes and online sales resulting from that traffic. As internet marketing firm Wolf21 co-founder Barry Byers says, "Many companies spend more and more money on trying to increase their traffic five times, while improving the website's performance is considerably more cost-effective."

Zone 3, Email Conversion, is often the most neglected area, according to Byers, so while this is another component of traffic conversion, it merits its own zone. As different people are in different phases of the buying process, businesses need to create ongoing value for them, establishing credibility and trust. Using an efficient, automated email campaign to do this nurtures relationships, paving the way to future sales.

Byers stresses that strong fundamental marketing principals are the foundation of each zone. The message to be conveyed differentiates a business from its competitors, communicates clear benefits, and creates value for customers. Therefore it's essential that the business has a clearly defined message, communicated through each zone as a single, integrated theme from the initial marketing campaign, to website content, to every subsequent email.

Internet marketing experts Barry Byers and Mike Cloke founded Wolf21 in 2005, as an integrated internet marketing company that provides a one–stop solution for business owners and marketing professionals who want more traffic, leads, and customers. Businesses face challenges as they work with different vendors in different areas of marketing, and try to make sense of social media and new technologies. Wolf21 was founded to help transcend these challenges, and develop an integrated, easy-to-use, failsafe method that combines internet technology with sound marketing principles.

Wolf21's highly skilled team of experts encompass knowledge of technology, marketing, and design. Through this expertise, this internet marketing company helps businesses develop stable, low-cost, predictable strategies that meet their specific goals across all three zones of internet marketing. The result is more traffic, more leads, more customers and ultimately, more revenue.

For further information, and an opportunity to design an internet marketing strategy that meets your goals across the three zones of internet marketing – Traffic Generation, Website Conversion, and Email Conversion – visit the internet marketing company Wolf21's website (www.wolf21.com).

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