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October 22, 2013 08:00 ET

The Marketing Store Worldwide Unveils Insights Into Family Shopping Decisions Critical to Optimizing Marketing Efforts

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - October 22, 2013) - The Marketing Store Worldwide (TMSW), one of the world's largest privately held global brand activation agencies, has announced the introduction of the Family Shopper Influence Spectrum, a critical tool for overall targeting and for shopper marketing planning designed to identify and leverage the various shopper influencers in family purchase decisions.

"Research is showing that the entire family unit is playing a larger role in household purchase decisions from where to vacation to what car to buy to what shampoo brand to use," says Renee Weber, vice president of consumer strategy and research at The Marketing Store Worldwide. "The challenge for brand marketers is to determine the role each family member plays and engage them accordingly. The Marketing Store Worldwide's Family Shopper Influence Spectrum helps to sort out the complexities of how each family member exerts influence on the shopper in the family purchase decisions of a particular product or service."

The Family Shopper Influence Spectrum, developed through years of working with some of the most successful global brands, dissects the dimensions and considerations that are at play along a "purchase decision continuum" that families follow relative to how they ultimately drive brand and product choice. This analysis yields specific insights that enable marketers to optimize communications and activations along the consumer, influencer, and shopper journeys.

"The Family is a collection of individuals with various needs, desires and motivations, playing various roles in purchase decisions," says Rob Pieper, senior vice president, strategy and planning at The Marketing Store Worldwide. "These roles are category and brand specific, therefore it is critical for brand and shopper marketers alike to understand the unique factors at play that impact their specific marketing efforts."

Specifically the Family Shopper Influence Spectrum allows marketers to broaden their reach by tapping into a target that might be neglected, further differentiate their value proposition, drive brand consideration and trial, and optimize their messaging, channels, and overall marketing spend accordingly.

"The Family Shopper Influence Spectrum can unearth opportunities for brands to reinvent their current marketing approaches," adds Pieper. "For example, products and services that may traditionally market mainly to moms, say a healthy snack food, may discover that developing tactics to tap into the influence of kids or dads may give them a competitive advantage in the snack category. Each product falls on a different area of the spectrum and as brand managers look at their plans for the next 12 months, they should understand where their brand is positioned and adjust their marketing mix appropriately."

The Marketing Store Worldwide is recognized as one of the leading global brand activation agencies with an emphasis on youth and family marketing. The agency recently released findings from "The New Definition of Childhood," its Global Kids Study, ( which researched over 4,000 children aged 6-12 years in 12 countries (U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, Australia).

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