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January 24, 2013 08:30 ET

Marketing With SolarCure's Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ Program

COLONIA, NJ--(Marketwire - Jan 24, 2013) -  The general world of marketing and advertising is full of many messages and clutter. Properly promoting a business locally requires a great deal of marketing message refining and repetition, and both processes may be expensive if an outside agency is required to help get your promotional work completed. As if the implementation of a proper marketing plan alone isn't tough enough, today's challenging economy requires most small and medium-sized businesses to watch their budgets closely. Marketing a business to ensure that it stands out from the rest of the competition may be a difficult task if spending is restricted. These modern marketing realities require corporations, brands and organizations to figure out how to differentiate their marketing message from the rest of the crowd while being mindful of their bottom-line. Creativity also is a major factor. You cannot properly set yourself apart by using the same typeface or ordinary marketing approach as everyone else. Today's business owner just may be asking -- how do I properly market myself without putting my cash-flow in peril?

SolarCure offers almost any business in the world a way to set their message apart from the rest of their competitors with the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program. A key component of Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ is the distribution of an expertly crafted online press release to hundreds of online news portals, which generates SolarCure's unique concept of Solar Powered SEO™. Solar Powered SEO™ extends online reach easily and affordably.

SolarCure introduced this new marketing method in late 2012. All of the initial sponsors for the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program benefitted in a variety of ways from the distribution of their Solar Powered SEO™ press release. Each article contained targeted keyword phrases related to their business category; search engines then index each article. Press releases featured on established websites such as Yahoo! Finance News and can be recognized as having importance or meaning, and therefore help generate improved credibility along with greater online visibility. The chosen recipient for the inaugural Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ campaign is Colonia, New Jersey's VFW NJ Post 6061. Here are some important points of success for three of SolarCure's first sponsors:

  • Cranford's O'Donnell Insurance Agency improved their online visibility from literally nothing to a total audience reach of over 70 million. High quality links from over a hundred top news websites hosting their press releases lend credibility to both their physical brand and online domain. Pleased with their initial results, O'Donnell Insurance Agency has signed be SolarCure's first multiple user by dedicating a significant portion of their marketing budget to Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™. The more times they use the program, the greater potential improvement for their Internet presence.
  • Peluso Landscaping, a commercial landscape design firm based in Warren, also went from "zero" online visibility to a vastly improved online reach within just a few days of their Solar Powered SEO™ press release distribution. A seasonal business whose potential audience is at their search activity peak only during a specific segment of the year, Peluso Landscaping's article has established a strong foothold in the Internet search engine world.
  • As the first out-of-state Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program participant, Alabama's Victory Sweepers not only helped a New Jersey non-profit organization step closer to their solar panel installation goal, they showed remarkable improvement for their press release's target keywords. Victory Sweepers' position even jumped into the top ten results for the competitive keyword phrase "street sweeper" in all three of major search engines -- Google, Bing and Yahoo!

The scope of the Adopt-a-Solar-Panel™ program is not just limited to American companies. SolarCure is currently in discussions with a prominent foreign corporation about becoming the first sponsor operating outside national borders. Foreign sponsorship can serve as a "green Segway" to help any business in the world gain exposure to American consumers. Publicity earned from participation in the program can also help solidify a business's position within the United States marketplace. Whether foreign, domestic, brick-and-mortar or online, the Adopt-a-Solar-Panel™ program and Solar Powered SEO™ helps all types of businesses improve their bottom line.

For more information about how your company can extend its overall awareness with SolarCure's assistance, please visit or email your questions to You can also call 908-642-3029. Let SolarCure show you how to improve your Internet reach and search engine visibility while assisting a local non-profit organization's solar energy efforts and helping the environment in general. There are only winning attributes to the Adopt-a-Solar-Panel™ program and Solar Powered SEO™. Pricing starts at $995. Larger and smaller packages can be designed to fit any budget.

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