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March 20, 2008 15:48 ET

MarketTools Announces Key Additions to Leading Enterprise Online Survey Solution

Enhanced zTelligence Empowers Self-Sufficiency and Productivity in Survey Creation, Deployment and Analysis

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 20, 2008) - Web-based online surveys are now essential to most marketers and market researchers, leaving behind the days of phone survey outsourcing and in-house management of survey software. According to a November 2007 Forrester Research report, "Online Survey Tools Gain Ubiquity," almost 60 percent of market researchers now use online survey tools for at least some portion of their research.

To provide new levels of industry-wide capabilities, MarketTools, Inc. today announced new features for zTelligence™, the leading enterprise online survey software solution. These enhancements to zTelligence empower marketers and researchers to be more self-sufficient while increasing the efficiency and productivity of survey creation, study deployment and data analysis.

According to Forrester, "the majority of [market researchers] prefer an Internet-based solution for their online survey tool." The report also states that market researchers want flexibility in the number and types of questions asked and customization features, such as personalization of email, quota setting, multimedia inclusion, branding and multi-language support. In addition, 33 percent of market researchers say an online survey software provider with its own panel or relationship with a panel factors into their online survey tool selection, and 68 percent of market researchers want data reported in real-time results.

MarketTools zTelligence now offers marketers and researchers access to quick, easy-to-use, advanced capabilities previously only available to the most sophisticated research providers. A new feature of zTelligence is the zTelligence Resource Center, a comprehensive view into the product's features and a central location for training, support and resource materials. The Resource Center serves as a launching pad for new users to get started and improve their learning curve, while giving seasoned users a place to refresh their familiarity with zTelligence, flex the application and leverage sophisticated tools and powerful reporting options. Specifically, the new zTelligence Resource Center offers:

--  Guided, interactive video tutorials on topics like survey authoring,
    reporting and analysis, including basic and advanced survey design,
    question types, skip logic and piping, reporting overviews and edit
--  FAQ and tips sheets on zTelligence functions and capabilities;
--  Library of MarketTools-developed, pre-formatted templates for
    conducting various types of research projects. Current templates include
    product and concept testing, advertising effectiveness, attitudes and
    usage, brand awareness, packaging testing and pricing evaluation;
--  Whitepapers covering information to help users conduct more informed
--  Search function for all Resource Center content;
--  Access to product and company news and support information;
--  Live, hosted, bi-weekly trainings on zTelligence.

In addition, zTelligence offers new authoring features to increase efficiency and flexibility for the more experienced users, including a Section Copy-Move-Delete feature that enables users to work with groups of pages as a single page. In addition, the new Scale Rollup feature, part of zTelligence Real Time Reporting (RTR), provides users more flexibility in applying top/middle/bottom two box rollups to any combination of questions, enabling more effective grouping of responses and more insightful reports.

"From the casual user creating their first survey to the most seasoned researcher with complex statistical testing needs, MarketTools zTelligence offers users a comprehensive, on-demand, online survey software solution," said David Deasy, vice president of marketing for the Software as a Service Business at MarketTools. "The new zTelligence makes all the features and functionality of the product readily visible and gives users unprecedented access to all the tools needed to design informed surveys, deliver them to target audiences with pinpoint accuracy and analyze the data as it is collected. With MarketTools zTelligence, users can meet all research project needs with ease, speed and sophistication."

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zTelligence is the market research industry's most comprehensive and intelligent online survey software for on-demand surveys. zTelligence is part of a family of online survey platforms offered by MarketTools, which also includes Zoomerang, the pioneer in online surveys and leading self-service platform for fast feedback. zTelligence offers an easy-to-use, highly customizable interface for building new surveys, selecting participants (through users' own list, from a third-party panel or by accessing MarketTools ZoomPanel™ of more than 2.5 million individuals), deploying to target consumers, collecting data, analyzing results and tracking projects. With zTelligence, data is delivered in real-time through a highly-secure Web platform that also offers live monitoring, sophisticated programming and analysis tools, and customizable reports with easy exporting functionality. zTelligence is currently available for new and existing MarketTools customers. To view a zTelligence demo, please visit:

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