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July 06, 2010 14:20 ET

Marketwire Acquires Sysomos

Social Media Monitoring, Sentiment Analysis and Business Intelligence Solutions Complement News Distribution and Content Sharing

TORONTO--(Marketwire - July 6, 2010) -  Marketwire announced today its acquisition of Sysomos, the Toronto-based business intelligence solution for social media monitoring and sentiment analysis. The move supports Marketwire's social media and media monitoring product offerings and reinforces the company's position as a global leader in maximizing technologies to advance communications. 

Sysomos bring business intelligence to social media, providing instant and unlimited access to social media conversations to quickly see what's happening, why it's happening and who's driving the conversations. By accessing in-depth, comprehensive information and gaining insight about what is happening within the social media ecosystem, corporations, marketers, public relations agencies and communication professionals can make smarter business and strategic decisions, and find new and different ways to build stronger relationships, enhance loyalty and increase sales. 


  • Marketwire's acquisition of Sysomos supports Marketwire clients with an intelligent product suite that provides instant access to billions of social media conversations, including blogs, social networks, micro-blogging services, forums, video sites and media sources, and the ability to discover the tone of the conversations and identify sentiment by gender, age and location.

  • Sysomos' key product offerings, MAP (Media Analysis Platform) and Heartbeat, will be available to clients worldwide under the Marketwire brand, and will complement Marketwire's current line up of solutions available to marketers and communication professionals for news distribution and content sharing.

  • Sysomos' platform and services extend far beyond monitoring tools, and provide automated sentiment, key influencer tracking, geo-demographic information, and access to real-time and historical social media conversations to help communicators understand and leverage social media by answering the five W's: What, When, Where, Who and Why.


MAP, Sysomos' flagship software-as-a-service offering, delivers:

  • Unlimited access to billions of social media conversations, both real-time and historical, that provides insight into the key social media conversations, why they're happening and who's driving them.
  • Identification of key influencers by industry or demographic group, and the ability to engage them on-the-fly.
  • Automated sentiment to determine whether the relevant conversations are positive, negative or neutral.
  • Detailed geographic and demographic data about social media participants and the conversations they're having, including their age, gender and profession.
  • Tools for in-depth research, historical analysis and the preparation of value-added reports.

Heartbeat is a cost-effective, real-time monitoring and measurement tool that provides:

  • Constantly updated snapshots of social media conversations delivered through a variety of user-friendly and intuitive graphics.
  • Real-time monitoring of brands and products, with measurable metrics and the ability to engage with key influencers.
  • Monitoring, measurement, in-depth metrics, detailed sentiment for advanced users and the ability to engage with key influencers (via Heartbeat Pro).

MULTIMEDIA ELEMENT/CAPTION 1: Sysomos overview video
Caption: Measure, monitor, understand and engage with the social media landscape.

Caption: Heartbeat provides real-time social media monitoring, dashboard reporting, automated sentiment, and the ability to engage with key influencers.

Caption: Marketwire is redefining news distribution and content sharing, advancing the way the world communicates. 


Sysomos Company Backgrounder

Sysomos, Greek for "everything together," emerged from an advanced research project at the University of Toronto in 2005. The project led to the creation of a patented core-content aggregation and analysis engine unveiled in May 2006, and the company was incorporated in Toronto in September 2007. 

Sysomos Company Timeline

2007 (September): Company incorporated in Toronto
2007 (September): MAP product introduced
2008 (June): Enhanced MAP product introduced
2009 (June): Heartbeat product introduced
2009 (November): Heartbeat product upgraded and reintroduced
2010 (June): Sysomos acquired by Marketwire

Sysomos Management

  • Dr. Nick Koudas, Co-founder and President, holds more than 20 patents and has published more than 100 research publications in the areas of database systems, text analytics, and information mining. He is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto.
  • Nilesh Bansal, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, leads Sysomos' engineering team, and is responsible for the company's product development, from the core content aggregation and analytics platform to user interfaces.

Sysomos Capabilities Overview

Sysomos offers the best data quality and coverage worldwide with instant access to historical data as far back as 2006. It includes a four-step spam-filtering system and has on-the-fly translation capabilities representing 186 languages in 189 countries. More information on Sysomos solutions and product capabilities is available via detailed FAQs.

Quotes Attributable to Michael Nowlan, president and CEO, Marketwire

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  • "This is a critical step in our integrated communication solution strategy. To date we have been a leader in providing our clients with ways to reach out to their key audiences by innovating the publishing and distribution of news releases. The rapid changes in communications as a result of social media now make it imperative to immediately understand the impact of outbound messaging: What happens to it, what's the reaction to it, and how is it used to evaluate and strategize future messages? Sysomos furthers Marketwire's technological capabilities to make this possible for our clients."

  • "Sysomos fits the Marketwire model and is aligned with our strategy to redefine and advance the way the world communicates. In the late '90s, Marketwire was a critical force in advancing the adoption of the Internet to distribute press releases. The acquisition of Sysomos shows our continued commitment to innovation by integrating social media tools into the corporate communications process."

  • "Marketwire has been a leader in leveraging technologies to maximize our clients' communications efforts. We've expanded our offerings to include end-to-end solutions, from optimizing messages to measuring their impact to infusing business intelligence into traditional and new media outreaches. And we're making it available and accessible to PR, IR and MarCom professionals, regardless of company size or budget."

Quotes Attributable to Dr. Nick Koudas, Co-founder and President, Sysomos

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  • "For companies to truly drive value, ROI and revenue from social media they must do more than simply monitor social chatter; they must filter automatically through that chatter and noise and identify the specific discussions that directly involve and affect their brand, their competitors and their business. From within those discussions, it's crucial to determine why people are talking, what they are saying, and the sentiment orientation of the conversations. Moreover, it is important to understand the individuals who are generating the chatter -- their demographics, location and language -- and to organize the chatter in discussion themes and threads, using complementary advanced text analysis technology, so it's easy to comprehend. This superior combination of comprehensive data collection, advanced text analytics, and deep filtering functions across languages, demographics, location, topics and sentiment, is the insight behind the information. This business intelligence that sets Sysomos apart."

  • "Brand management and corporate reputation are critically important to public relations and investor relations practitioners, marketers, and advertisers. With real-time social media monitoring, and reporting functionality that allows clients to compare and contrast buzz generated over time, Sysomos' tools enable clients to manage crisis situations, track and measure reputation, monitor press coverage, and correlate the connection between press releases and news coverage with social media activity. By leveraging this kind of intelligence, practitioners are better equipped to adapt their business and communications efforts to maximize campaign success."

  • "There is a natural fit and synergy between Marketwire and Sysomos: our common goal is a customer-centric approach in applying technology to meet the challenges of communicating in an ever-evolving environment. Our approach to business is entrepreneurial in spirit; we identify and create opportunities, and with an innovative and pragmatic approach, develop and deliver products and solutions that are best-in-class. This union proves that it is not only possible to keep pace with technological and sociological changes in communication and information sharing, but to stay one step ahead and set the new standard."

Quotes Attributable to Paul Philp, SVP Strategy & Product Development, Marketwire

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  • "Our clients have told us repeatedly that to stay ahead of the curve, they need tools to intelligently pull two communications platforms together: press releases and social media. Marketwire's addition of Sysomos means that our clients can truly integrate the flow of communications, track the performance of their outbound messaging and evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns."

  • "The benefits of such powerful social media tools for our clients are profound. We're really changing the nature of communication, empowering clients to engage with audiences, extract key analytics and act immediately to conversations taking place about their company. On-the-fly identification and engagement with the influencers and opinion leaders is critical to building, nurturing and managing relationships between our clients and their stakeholders."

Quote Attributable to Sally Falkow, President PRESSfeed, the social media newsroom

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  • "Marketwire embraced social media and digital news distribution and they've been innovators in this field. With this acquisition of Sysomos, they've done it again. Marketwire never has been 'just' a newswire, and with this addition to its suite of products and services, it offers what we all need and want most: a comprehensive social media monitoring and sentiment analysis system. This is the perfect 'rounding out' of a full communication solution."

Quote Attributable to Brian Solis, Principal of FutureWorks and blogger at

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  • "The future of marketing and communications is built upon data and intelligence. For the first time, the ability to not only learn how we can engage with communities of influencers, consumers, and prospects, but also measure the results in real-time will transform everything. The Marketwire and Sysomos deal sets the bar for an overdue era where we can truly put the public back in public relations."

Quote Attributable to Todd Defren, Principal of SHIFT Communications and blogger at

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  • "We better our brands by listening and responding to the marketplace.  People tell us what they like, dislike, want to improve, and are willing to buy -- it's brilliant; all we need to do is listen and get in on those conversations.  The challenge, though, in listening and engaging within social media is identifying who is talking about you and your brand and what they are saying, and maintaining this ebb-and-flow of conversation, simply because there are millions of folks talking across millions of channels. Sysomos' tools turn those challenges into opportunities, and with an intelligent fusion of monitoring, sentiment analysis and reporting, help brands carry on conversations with the right people, in the right places.  For anyone who makes social media monitoring part of their daily life, success is as much about efficiency as it is about engagement."


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About Sysomos

Sysomos offers social media monitoring and analytics products that give corporations, marketers, public relations agencies and advertisers the intelligence and insight needed to make smarter business and strategic decisions.

The Sysomos platform brings business intelligence to social media, giving you instant and unlimited access to all social media conversations so you can quickly see what's happening, why it's happening and who's driving the conversations.

Through the use of contextual text analytics and data mining technology, Sysomos collects billions of social media conversations from blogs, Twitter, social networks, message boards, wikis and a growing number of major new sources.

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