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May 06, 2011 13:30 ET

Marketwire Publishes eBook "Mastering Audience Engagement: Reinventing Your Role in a New Media World"

Six-Chapter Guide Helps Communicators Succeed in Today's Social Media Landscape and Navigate the Audience Engagement Cycle

TORONTO--(Marketwire - May 6, 2011) - Marketwire is introducing its free eBook, designed to help communication and marketing professionals leverage traditional, digital and social environments to improve the impact and influence of their efforts to connect with target audiences. The eBook, "Mastering Audience Engagement: Reinventing Your Role In a New Media World," includes input from some of today's leading experts on social media, digital communications and real-time marketing. Each of the six chapters corresponds to a different step in Marketwire's Audience Engagement Cycle, a dynamic process in which communicators continuously listen, plan, create, share, engage and analyze, in order to better understand their audiences and improve their brands.

With increasing frequency, companies are seeing success -- and failure -- based on the conversations their customers and critics are having on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. These technological and social shifts have changed the speed, reach, formality and structure not only of communications, but also brand management, customer service and product development. Social media impacts the way marketing and public relations professionals position their brands, communicate with target audiences and increase company revenues. Yet, keeping pace and learning how to bridge traditional and new media methods can prove difficult for even the most seasoned of professionals. Marketwire's eBook and Audience Engagement Cycle empower communicators -- from entry level to the C-suite -- to better understand how to incorporate the tools, technologies and best practices that are most relevant and resonant with their audiences.

Highlights of the eBook:

  • Contributions from industry leaders: Marketwire's eBook includes insights and best practices from some of the foremost experts and thought leaders in communications, including: Deirdre Breakenridge, Mark Evans, Sally Falkow, Paul Gillin, Rebecca Lieb and Brian Solis. Their contributions illustrate the immediate need for companies to stop pushing their sales and marketing messages onto their audiences and, instead, engage in meaningful conversations with their customers and stakeholders to share relevant content and build relationships with the audiences who matter most.

  • Introduction of Marketwire's Audience Engagement Cycle: Traditional communication strategies that started with a 400-word press release and a media list have been united with social networking, rich multimedia and search engine optimization. Marketwire's Audience Engagement Cycle helps communicators navigate the constantly evolving, often simultaneous process of conversation, interaction and reaction. Via six dynamic steps -- listen, plan, create, share, engage and analyze -- communicators can efficiently identify their audiences, create relevant content, share it, build relationships and analyze their success.

  • Six chapters to be available for free download: The eBook introduces new tools and new ways to engage with audiences so that marketing and public relations professionals can be more effective and efficient with their communications. The six chapters also include tips and examples to help practitioners amplify their messages, drive conversations, monitor, measure and strategize more effectively. "Mastering Audience Engagement" will be published and made available for download between May and July 2011, and includes:

    • Chapter 1: "Listen. You Can't Answer the Questions You Don't Hear."
    • Chapter 2: "Plan. How Can You Measure Success If You Don't Know What Success Looks Like?"
    • Chapter 3: "Create. Presto! You're a Publisher."
    • Chapter 4: "Share. Hello. My Name Is..."
    • Chapter 5: "Engage. No More Sitting on the Edge of the Pool -- It's Time To Dive In."
    • Chapter 6: "Analyze. Are We There Yet?"
  • Chapter 1: "Listen. You Can't Answer the Questions You Don't Hear" is now available for download: Companies don't need to guess how customers feel about a brand or a particular product; real-time conversations will tell them what customers think and what they want. Chapter 1 explains why listening is so critical to a sound communications strategy and an integral part of understanding customer behavior. Readers will learn why it's so important to:
    • Find where their digital audiences do their talking and keep a watchful eye (and ear) on those channels and networks.
    • Seek out conversations, find the tools to aggregate them and draw conclusions.
    • Read between the digital lines to create insight on what's really being said in social media, and how those with influence can impact their organizations and their brands.


Michael Nowlan, President and CEO, Marketwire:
"Marketwire has played a pivotal role in connecting news makers and news consumers for nearly 30 years, promoting information-sharing among audiences worldwide. As media, cultural and technological landscapes change, so too does Marketwire and the ways in which we embrace and empower new communications. We continue to seek the smartest, most efficient means for marketing, public relations, investor relations and communications professionals to engage audiences in new and impactful ways."

Paolina Milana, EVP, Global Marketing, Marketwire:
"Successful communications and real audience engagement is no easy feat and, for many practitioners, it can be difficult to parlay the knowledge, experience and success we have with traditional communications into the social media arena. But it's not about abandoning the best practices and tools we're comfortable with; it's about learning how to incorporate new technologies and participate in new channels. There are so many opportunities for communicators today when they align online and offline efforts, and bridge traditional and new media -- ways to optimize and share rich multimedia, the ability to listen in and respond to real-time customer conversations, tools that identify brand advocates and the sentiment of social conversations."


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