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February 07, 2011 09:00 ET

Marketwire Unveils Powerful Conversation-Driving Content Management System and Web Hosting Platform

EasySuite 2.0 Offers an Intuitive User Interface, Site Flexibility and WYSIWYG Tools to Build, Manage and Deliver a Content-Rich, Interactive Communications and Corporate Website Presence

TORONTO--(Marketwire - February 7, 2011) - Marketwire introduces EasySuite 2.0, its next-generation, Web 2.0-friendly conversation-driving, content-creation and web-hosting platform. EasySuite 2.0 is a powerful platform that gives public relations, investor relations and other marketing communications professionals the ability to create and maintain content-rich, interactive online newsrooms, investor centers and other sub-sites of their organizations' websites. Integrated with Marketwire's news distribution systems, EasySuite 2.0 is ideal for non-technical communication professionals, yet allows expansion capabilities for those with programming ability as well. In addition, EasySuite 2.0 facilitates collaborative content creation, including allowing users to define rights and roles, manage workflows and versions, and analyze and report on activity. Users also have the ability to maximize engagement with the integration of social channels and blogs alongside company information so stakeholders become fully involved with all facets of an organization.

EasySuite 2.0 Highlights

  • User-friendly Interface
    EasySuite 2.0 offers non-programmers a WYSIWYG, MS Word-like interface with a wide variety of content control and engagement tools so they can quickly update their websites, reducing the dependence on IT resources and allowing faster, more direct interactions with their online audiences. The platform also offers a split screen for users who want HTML support.

  • Audience Engagement Tools
    In addition to its core publishing functionality, EasySuite 2.0's social tools (blogs, commenting, social-sharing) allow companies to add new types of content to their EasySuite-hosted pages, improving their value as content destinations, helping to engage their audiences, and empowering companies to use them as standalone content channels.

  • Simultaneous Newswire Distribution Integration & Added Security
    EasySuite 2.0's content management system is tied directly into Marketwire's news distribution system so clients can choose to have their news releases, filings and announcements simultaneously post to their company websites upon release, eliminating lag time between any possible wire distribution time and corporate website posting time. This integration also enhances security because fewer copies of a document circulate prior to distribution, preventing accidental disclosure.

  • Built-in Collaboration Capabilities and Workflow Support
    EasySuite 2.0 provides multiple user accounts so team members can work together to manage the content on their website. This allows for delegation of duties without giving up editorial control. Additionally, the roles and permissions within EasySuite 2.0 ensure that only designated users have access to key functionality such as the ability to approve, reject, publish, schedule or remove new content.

  • Unlimited Page Flexibility
    EasySuite 2.0's flexible page-creation functions allow users to build and maintain multiple pages -- there are no limitations or restrictions on types of content. This means that EasySuite 2.0 can be used for hosting a variety of website content pages rather than limited to just an "IR Room" or a "Press Room." In addition, users can maintain complete control over text, images, multimedia and page layout. Users can also create "dark sites" -- pages that are kept active but hidden from a site's navigation tree and only made public during crises or market-moving announcements.

  • Improved Search Engine Visibility
    EasySuite 2.0's SEO-friendly URLs contain keywords displayed in page and story content, helping inform visitors of their content and leading to more accurate indexing by search engines. This contributes to higher positioning for a given topic and greater visitor traffic to Web pages as a result. 

  • Analytics and Reporting
    Integrated reporting features such as website usage, traffic volume and user activity help companies track and measure success. Users can integrate EasySuite 2.0 pages with their organization's Google Analytics account by deploying its tracking code within their EasySuite pages.

Product Information
Marketwire's EasySuite team creates a custom solution to meet each organization's unique needs, ranging from a simple company news page, sign-up form and welcome page to a site with complex content and interactive features. EasySuite 2.0's affordable pricing is based on site setup time, licensed data required, if any, and the level of functionality desired. Marketwire's EasySuite team also provides ongoing product support. 

  • Easy PR Service Tier
    Marketwire hosts and manages content-rich websites for public relations and other marketing communications professionals that include press releases, images and multimedia as well as "about us" pages, FAQ pages, document libraries and more. These sites can be built as microsites and connect to company websites as add-ons, or they can be built as complete, standalone solutions.

  • Easy IR Service Tier
    EasySuite 2.0 gives investor relations professionals simple-to-use tools to manage and maintain information resources complete with news announcements, regulatory filings, corporate information, governance documents, shareholder information and integrated third-party data such as financial fundamentals that automatically update.

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  • Paul Philp, SVP, Strategy and Products, Marketwire

    "Today's consumers base their purchasing decisions largely on information they find from Google searches, on company websites, and by heeding the advice of influential bloggers and people in their social networks. The EasySuite 2.0 platform embraces these information-gathering practices by offering communication professionals simple, powerful tools they can use to create dynamic pages filled with rich content. And then, giving them the ability to integrate that content with their blogs and social channels so visitors become fully engaged with their organizations."

    "Before we created EasySuite 2.0 we studied media and content consumption trends and how communication professionals can best meet the needs of their companies' multiple audiences and stakeholders. We found that one critical need is immediacy. Visitors looking for information on company websites want up-to-the-minute content and fast response. So we created an intuitive interface that allows non-technical people the ability to build and manage full-featured, interactive Web pages through which they can quickly post content and interact with their audiences."

    "Company websites are generally the purview of multiple individuals working within different departments at different job levels. That's why we built in workflow management tools and security features. EasySuite 2.0 is perfect for streamlining Web page development and maintenance because each person can work collaboratively in a single system while the project lead can uphold editorial control." 

  • Michael Nowlan, President and CEO, Marketwire

    "EasySuite 2.0 is an important step forward in our mission to deliver to communicators and their audiences the tools that simplify and advance their communication workflow needs." 

    "Marketwire continues to invest in technologies that empower communicators. EasySuite 2.0 is an integrated set of tools that gives companies the power to craft, publish and interact with their constituents through one simple-to-use interface."

    "Successful organizations that are winning the battle to attract and engage their target audiences -- consumers, analysts, stockholders, journalists, donors -- realize that today it is not just their products, services, financial information or even brand identity that attracts and 'sells' -- it is their ability to provide their audiences with easy-to-find, valuable content, all in one place, that they can interact with and create ongoing relationships. That is what EasySuite 2.0 is all about."

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