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November 01, 2014 09:35 ET

Marketwired Offers Tips for Leveraging Infographics in News Releases

Best Practices Help PR and Marketing Professionals Extend the Reach of Their Messages

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - November 01, 2014) - The world's information is doubling every two years, according to Mashable. This overload, coupled with increasingly shorter attention spans, contributes to greater use of visuals in conveying information (according to Social Media Today [2013], retention rates for visual information reach 65% versus 10% for text-based information). Infographics rank among the most-frequently shared content types because they make it easy to tell a story and relate complex concepts. They also contribute to enhanced search engine visibility and measurable results from backlinks and increased web traffic. To help its clients take advantage of the power of infographics in their news releases, Marketwired recently published tips for creating infographics that contribute to increased visibility, engagement, and sharing potential.

Five Rules of Thumb for Using Infographics in News Releases
Infographics tend to be time-consuming and resource-intensive to create, so it pays to understand what makes an infographic successful and supportive to a text-based release. Here are five rules of thumb when developing an infographic to accompany a news release. 

  1. Analyze your raw information. An infographic is a great way to explain a detailed concept or an idea that is more effectively conveyed visually than in text. Before jumping into the graphics, make sure you carefully analyze all your data and information. Is there a complete, single story? Are there are holes getting from point A to point B? If any of these elements are absent, the flow won't make sense, the reader will get confused and you'll lose credibility.
  1. Identify the most important, interesting points. These are what form the wireframe of your infographic. Do they directly relate to the content in your news release? At this stage you may find out the infographic doesn't exactly support what you are announcing. If that's the case, don't try to twist the data to make it fit. You might want to change the slant of your release or use a video or other type of image if you find the two aren't aligning.
  1. Choose your format wisely. There are several basic infographic formats to choose from; your content will largely determine which one you use. Within each, the sky's the limit for creativity. You may be comparing two or more ideas, answering a question, teaching a lesson, or guiding the viewer through a chronological sequence. Your infographic may be number- and chart-heavy, and/or it may incorporate photos and illustrations. Your content may be serious or humorous.
  1. Keep it clear and simple. This is particularly important when using an infographic to accompany a news release. Even through it can be clicked to full size, when it's embedded in your release an infographic appears small. If there are too many small elements within it that are visually competing with each other it could be repelling instead of compelling. You don't want your infographic to look like someone randomly threw a collage of images and numbers together.
  1. Think about social sharing. A good infographic will appeal to your target audiences -- journalists, social influencers and consumers -- and they will want to share it. Since that activity now often takes place on smart phones and tablets, your infographic needs to be legible on the small screen. That's why it's even more important to keep it free of clutter and to use at least 12 pt. text for readability. But you also want your infographic to work on blogs and larger-screen formats as well, so make sure you start with high-resolution images -- ideally 1000 X 500 at 72 dpi so when clicked to full size the resolution is clear.

Don't include an infographic with your news release just for the sake of including an infographic. In other words, don't force it. You must be confident that an infographic is the best way to get across the concept in your news release and will help people more easily understand and want to share your key messages.

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