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July 07, 2011 16:04 ET

Marketwire's Six-Chapter eBook Helps Communicators Master Audience Engagement

Latest Chapter Shares Best Practices for PR and Marketing Professionals Looking to Build Stronger, More Profitable Customer Relationships

TORONTO --(Marketwire - July 07, 2011) - Marketwire recently published another chapter of its free eBook, "Mastering Audience Engagement: Reinventing Your Role In a New Media World," a six-part series designed to help public relations and marketing professionals successfully leverage traditional and social media to build stronger relationships with their target audiences. Chapter 5, "Engage: No More Sitting on the Edge of the Pool – It's Time to Dive In," provides examples and insights for successful, profitable, real-time communications, and includes contributions from industry experts Deirdre Breakenridge, Mark Evans, Paul Gillin and Rebecca Lieb.

Marketwire's eBook introduces new tools and new ways to engage with audiences so that marketing and public relations practitioners can learn to amplify their messages; drive conversations; monitor, measure and analyze their efforts more effectively. The eBook supports Marketwire's Audience Engagement Cycle, a constantly evolving, often simultaneous process for improving customer relationships and creating brand advocates. Each of the six chapters is free to download:

  • Chapter 1: "Listen. You Can't Answer the Questions You Don't Hear."
  • Chapter 2: "Plan. How Can You Measure Success If You Don't Know What Success Looks Like?"
  • Chapter 3: "Create. Presto! You're a Publisher."
  • Chapter 4: "Share. Hello. My Name Is..."
  • Chapter 5: "Engage. No More Sitting on the Edge of the Pool—It's Time To Dive In."
  • Chapter 6: "Analyze. Are We There Yet?"

While social media engagement may be less formal in structure than traditional communications, proper planning is critical to ensuring that efforts in real-time engagement are on strategy and are working toward an articulated goal. Chapter 5 focuses on best practices for establishing and strengthening relationships with bloggers, customers and other stakeholders, and helps marketers better understand the need to stop pushing and start engaging.

"If someone is talking about your brand, it's worth spending some time figuring out who they are, how many followers they have and whether or not they're an influencer. It helps to have some context and intelligence before you respond right away," explains Mark Evans, digital marketing and social media strategist. "You can deliver better answers that are more relevant to the person you're engaging with. You don't want to waste anyone's time. Engagement is about offering something of value. The more information you have, the more value you can provide."

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