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April 15, 2011 06:39 ET

Marmite Vaseline-SMS Marketing-Love it or Hate it

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 15, 2011) - SMS Marketing has been debating if the recent Marmite Flavoured Vaseline has a similar reputation to direct sales and marketing. Marmite's recent campaign for the new "Marmite Vaseline" was born after a survey showed almost 90% of people had a very strong view in regards to Marmite at both ends of the scale. Either they love it or they hate it.

SMS Marketing feels the direct sales and marketing approach is a fantastic avenue for businesses that want a person to interact with, physically talk to or communicate their concerns with a representative of their company, has shown to be a very effective strategy. According to Harvard business school – 2009, they believe, "Business relationships are best built face to face." Direct sales and marketing companies are an £80 billion a year industry and see no sign of this stopping any time soon. There is however some clients, who feel the approach is something that they are not comfortable with. Therefore they have a bad review on the F2F approach and instantly write it off. Due to the success of F2F businesses in the Sales and Marketing Industry it is clear that it is definitely a minority, especially when the marginal profit rates are taken into consideration, not only increasing financial gain but also dramatically altering market share. Also, it is financially advantageous to the businesses as it is very cost effective.

The Marmite analogy for direct sales and marketing is interesting. "Being in this industry has so many positives in comparison to the negatives. Saying we are loved or hated is very controversial, but is also very true. We take the bad with the good and thrive on the positivity our business does for other companies and our clients worldwide! I personally love Marmite, so my view could be taken as biased" says Managing Director of SMS Marketing Simon Morris.

It turned out the "Marmite Vaseline" was just an April fool's joke. "Even so, it brought to our attention the similarities between our business and their idea and the branding that goes with Marmite," continues Simon Morris.

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