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June 18, 2008 10:20 ET

Marriages to Be Made In SwedishVegas

First Restaurant With Internet Social Networking Also to Offer On-Site Nuptials

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - June 18, 2008) - SwedishVegas Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SWDV), the first restaurant theme presenting Internet social networking as part of the dining, drinking and meeting experience, will also be the first chain of restaurants that has an ordained minister specializing in marriages on call at each location.

With a promotional tag line It All Happens™ (, SwedishVegas intends to live up to its name by having on-site marriages. With an initial location in Las Vegas, it will be interesting to see who gets married first inside a SwedishVegas restaurant.

"Our SwedishVegas girls will be trained in how to create a great on-site celebration on a moment's notice for any lucky couple. There will be an option of broadcasting the marriage live on the Internet, and archiving the marriage on the Internet at so loved ones who can't attend can see the wedding," said Van Holster, Acting President, SwedishVegas Inc.

For the first time, social networking and the Internet have become an integral part of a restaurant concept. SwedishVegas™ Inc. is now scouting for restaurant locations as diverse as Las Vegas, Beijing and Dubai. It is a themed establishment with SwedishVegas Girls™ hostesses, a modern ambiance and reasonably priced high quality lunches, dinners and appetizers and an extensive beer and wine menu. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of the concept is how it is integrated with social networking and the Internet.

SwedishVegas is "a highly social atmosphere with a global identity on the Internet that will help forge a bond between all our customers," said Van Holster, Acting President of SwedishVegas Inc.

"We have flat screen TV monitors with a multi-tiered viewing experience of sports, beach scenes, and live interactive Internet video between our retail locations and our global social network. It is a way to really connect the live dining experience with the age of the Internet, and it helps differentiate us from competitors like Hooters that really were founded before the Internet became the communication tool of choice for a new generation," added Mr. Holster.

Portions of the SwedishVegas business plan will be included on the new SwedishVegas web site which is sneak previewed at

SwedishVegas is building a global brand on the Internet, and is developing a concept for a new type of eatery that combines elements you might find in a Hooters or the Las Vegas restaurant TAO with the age of the Internet.

"When you put beautiful themed girls together with great affordable food and drinks and add in the interactivity of big screens and the Internet, you have an idea of the SwedishVegas concept," said Van Holster, Director, SwedishVegas Inc.

Mr. Holster points to the kind of revenue produced by the Las Vegas restaurant TAO as an example of the kind of business that this type of theme can attract. According to the New York Times, "Even judged against other huge-volume restaurants, where revenues in the tens of millions are not unusual, TAO is setting a new standard. In figures for 2000, when Tavern on the Green was in the No. 2 spot behind Windows on the World, the gap between them was a razor thin $485,000."

Michael Desiderio, the chief operating officer of Tavern on the Green, marveled at the vital statistics for TAO Las Vegas, according to the Times. It served 600,000 meals, its average dinner check was $70, and 50 percent of its revenues came from alcohol.

"It's really a nightclub with the food to complement the club," Mr. Desiderio said.

The philosophy of both TAO Las Vegas and SwedishVegas is at once high concept -- multiple opportunities for eating and drinking under one roof -- and blue collar.

SwedishVegas is already selling apparel on its web site and recruiting SwedishVegas girls. It will spend 2008 building its brand name on the Internet and developing plans for its first retail location in Las Vegas.


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