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August 29, 2012 14:41 ET

Marriott International: The Japanese Connection

Check Out Our Hotel in Chennai for a Relaxing Stay and Delicious Food

CHENNAI, INDIA--(Marketwire - Aug 29, 2012) - The Japanese are courteous and well-mannered people, recognized for their attention to detail and high levels of knowledge. Known best for making use of every minute, they always find the means to please others by their perfect work etiquette. Thus, it is only natural that the Japanese would view Courtyard by Marriott, Chennai as their second home. Marriott's engaging culture and their superior service cater to the needs of the Japanese guests and strives to satisfy each individual.

As one of the top 4 star hotels in Chennai, the Courtyard by Marriott is both warm and welcoming allowing Japanese guests to treat the property as their home away from home. The enthusiastic team at Courtyard by Marriott Chennai does everything in their power to ensure that their guests feel comfortable throughout their entire visit. From a chef who is an expert in Japanese cuisine to an in house executive who is well versed in Japanese, CYC gives their Japanese guests more than just a good stay.

It is often said that the easiest way to satisfy someone is through their belly! And Chef Pratibha, the in house Oriental cuisine chef, really knows how to tickle one's belly. She has been trained in Japanese cuisine and delights the guests at our Chennai restaurants with her mouthwatering creations every day. She has even introduced an unseen side of Japanese cuisine -- the vegetarian side!

Japan, a land that is surrounded by 70% water, finds most of its edible items from the water. Even so, finding the right alternative to sea food did not take much time for the chef who promptly worked out ways to make the dishes enjoyable. Seaweed plays a huge role in Japanese vegetarian cuisine, from being a binder for the ubiquitous Sushi and Sashimi, to serving the key ingredient in many other vegetarian Japanese dishes. Chef Pratibha has worked with a wide array of pickled and fresh vegetables, egg, sea vegetables, and more to create seafood-free masterpieces. Of course, the non-vegetarians have a wide array of dishes to choose from too.

Apart from food, the associates at our Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Chennai take steps to ensure that each guest feels at home. Japanese e-news, an initiative taken by the associates is a replica of one of Japan's main newspapers reproduced on a plain sheet of paper. This is kept prominently at the lobby of the hotel and can be accessed virtually at any time. This step has been taken to ensure that the guests do not feel the absence of the pleasure of reading their language and at the same time, can keep up with current events back home.

To further delight the guests, entertainment in the form of a Japanese TV channel is provided to the guests in the comfort of their rooms. This channel can be viewed during any point of the day and is available on request by the guests.

The saying 'It doesn't matter if you do less, but do it right' holds very true for Courtyard by Marriott Chennai. Apart from satisfying the Japanese guests every step of the way, the hotel also has an in-house executive who is trained in the language. He speaks to the guests from time to time, engaging and interacting with them on their stay and their needs. As a bonus to all this, the hotel in Anna Salai Chennai also has the room key cards translated in the regional language of Japan especially for elite guests.

Whether these guests are travelling on leisure or business, the associates at the hotel know exactly how to please them and are dedicated wholly towards making Courtyard Chennai their number one hotel of choice!

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