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June 26, 2008 08:15 ET

Marshal Launches New Dedicated Secure Email Encryption Solution

MailMarshal Secure Email Server Enforces Security Policies, Protects Confidential Email Communication and Ensures Corporate Compliance

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - June 26, 2008) - Secure email and Web gateway security provider Marshal today launched its new email encryption and digital signing solution for data leakage prevention and regulatory compliance. MailMarshal Secure Email Server is a dedicated policy-based secure email solution that provides encryption, digital signing and deep content inspection of email traffic and can operate with any email gateway that can recognize S/MIME encrypted email. Uniquely, this new solution automates the updating of contact details and secure certificate credentials with all secure email partners from a centralized server using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) synchronization. This feature enables secure email communication between large groups of business partners at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions.

As a dedicated server-based solution at the gateway, MailMarshal Secure Email Server provides a single point of control to manage email encryption for an entire organization. No additional workstation software is required and no end-user training is needed to ensure that all email content flowing in and out of an organization strictly conforms to internal policies and external regulatory requirements. MailMarshal Secure Email Server is scalable to meet the needs of any size of organization and communicates with any third-party S/MIME gateway to provide easy integration with partner organizations.

"Public Key Infrastructure provides a robust system for securing confidential data, but the complexity and cost of managing PKI certificate authentication with multiple partners has been a barrier to its adoption by large scale enterprise," said Bradley Anstis, vice president of Products at Marshal. "MailMarshal Secure Email Server now automates this process to both maximize email security and minimize the administrative burden for organizations of any size."

MailMarshal Secure Email Server offers optional levels of email encryption using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with S/MIME encryption standards right up to Triple-DES (168-bit) strength cryptography; ensuring that organizations can collaborate with partners using email, without exposing themselves to the risk of data-leakage or a compliance breach.

"This new solution is designed to make secure encrypted email communication between business partners easy to deploy and manage, even in the largest organizations with the most sensitive data," said Anstis. "MailMarshal Secure Email Server provides customers with greater security and control over email-based content and deeper protection against data leakage at a significantly lower cost than any of the competitive solutions available today."

"Strong encryption is very attractive as a way to secure trading communities, especially given the increasing demands of laws and regulations," said David Ferris, senior analyst for Ferris Research. "Marshal's approach -- standards-based encryption, automated certificate management and policy-based filtering of decrypted material -- is very valuable in this regard."

MailMarshal Secure Email Server is an email gateway solution that enables secure and safe communication between organizations. A separate, scalable and stand-alone solution that provides encryption and digital signing of messages, it also authenticates email sender and recipient credentials to maintain communities of secure communication partners.

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Marshal is a global leader in content security across multiple protocols, enabling organizations to secure their IT environment, protect against threats and comply with corporate governance needs. Marshal provides customers with a complete portfolio of policy-driven email and Internet solutions that integrate content filtering, compliance, secure messaging and archiving. Forty percent of the Global Fortune 500 companies use Marshal security solutions to secure their corporate messaging networks and Web access against internal abuse and external threats such as viruses, spam and malicious code. More than 7 million users in over 18,000 companies worldwide use Marshal solutions to protect their networks, employees, business assets and corporate reputation and to comply with corporate governance legislation requirements.

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