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September 11, 2007 06:00 ET

Martin Miller's Gin Survey of the Worst Fashion Fads of the Past 25 Years

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - September 11, 2007) - Every couple of seasons a new fad comes along that sends the fashionable into a frenzied search for the oh-so-chic item du jour. Just as quickly as it hits the scene, "scenesters" discover that this item is, in fact, a heinous anomaly of fashion that must be eradicated from their wardrobes and never worn again. Ah, the biting sting of buyer's remorse. From over-padded shoulders and psychedelic tie-dye to hot pants and animal prints, there's photographic proof somewhere that even the most tasteful among us has been a "fashion victim" at some point in their lives.

This fall, the makers of Martin Miller's Gin, a brand known for its classic good taste, asked 100 fashion editors from magazines and newspapers across the country for their help in identifying the worst fashion fads of the past 25 years. Their list should help someone from making the same fashion mistake twice. Here's the laugh-out-loud list of fashion sins gone by:

      1.  Leave my Levi's alone!  18% named jeans -- too skinny, ripped or
          too low -- as the worst fashion fad of that past 25 years.  While
          jeans themselves have been a classic item since the 1970s, the
          experts suggest keeping it clean and simple.

      2.  Shoulder pads, 12%:  A fashion staple of the eighties, shoulder
          pads overstayed their welcome.  Men and women hung onto this
          trend well into the '90s.  Paired with big hair and wide belts,
          this blast from the past should moonwalk its way back into

      3.  Cropped tops, 8%:  Baring your belly, no matter what shape you're
          in, is a look best suited for the beach.  Not having fun in the
          sun:  make sure your shirt meets your belt.

      4.  Crocs, 7%:  These clunky looking shoes are the craze right now,
          but most are predicting they won't stay around too long.  If
          you're under twelve you can get away with the look (like most
          things), but those in the know recommend that adults limit them
          to days when they're lounging in the backyard.

      5.  Leg Warmers, 7%:  They worked for Flashdance and Pat Benatar, but
          the fad ended there.  If your legs are cold, try this brilliant
          idea: pants!

      6.  Leisure Suits, 6%:  Only senior citizens and Sopranos can get
          away with this one nowadays.  Despite their relaxing sounding
          name, the leisure suits' polysynthetic fabric is anything but.

      7.  Tie-Dyed anything, 5%:  The symbol of a lifestyle more than just
          a garment, this psychedelic kaleidoscope is still being worn by
          hippies who sadly never left the sixties.  The advice of the
          experts:  just say no.

      8.  Uggs, 4%:  These fuzzy boots were on the feet of A-list Hollywood
          types for a few seasons.  Though everyone swears they're the most
          comfortable boots on earth, the look is far more Sherpa than

      9.  Tube Tops, 3%:  These shapeless, sleeveless body socks have come
          in and out of fashion several times.  The better option is a far
          classier classic tank top.  Supportive straps make the world of
          a difference.

     10. Flip Flops, 2%: Made from leather or pleather, rubber or rope,
         these sandals have migrated from the beach to the boardroom.
         According to the fashion mavens polled by Martin Miller's, that's
         taking the casual look a little too far.

After that closet is cleaned of the above offenses take time for the quintessential cocktail -- a simple, yet chic Gin & Tonic. Cheers to the fall and a new season of fashion.

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