December 07, 2005 07:00 ET

MARVELit "OpenReports DASH" Appliance With Bundled Hardware/Software Will Make Open Source BI Solution Instantly Available to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

First Business Intelligence Appliance With Out-of-the-Box Dashboard and Reporting Will Support Up to 50 Users Without Requiring Additional or Upgraded Equipment

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 7, 2005 -- MARVELit, a leading provider of Open Source Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions, today announced the development of OpenReports DASH, the first BI appliance with out-of-the-box dashboard and reporting functionality targeting small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) with business analytic needs. These businesses often find current BI software solutions too expensive and complex, often with impractical vendor-specific upgrade and maintenance requirements more appropriate to an enterprise-sized business. MARVELit's OpenReports DASH appliance, available First Quarter 2006, fills the SMB gap by bundling MARVELit OpenReports PORTAL BI software, database software and JDBC connectivity to pre-existing databases, along with optimized hardware and unlimited support services in a simple plug-and-play interface.

"OpenReports DASH is the first turnkey appliance in the BI industry to target businesses at a very affordable price point that includes unlimited technical support," states MARVELit CEO Rick Mortensen. "Most BI applications currently available are developed for large-scale enterprise needs, with complex installation and integration cycles required before it can be used. OpenReports DASH allows businesses to simply plug it into their network for immediate use."

The benefits of appliance-based BI include:

--  Affordable, fixed-price solution
--  Avoidance of lengthy implementation and integration timelines
--  Preconfigured software and hardware instantly ready for use
--  Operating system software preconfigured for security and ease of
--  Simplified maintenance and support
--  Seamless access to common SMB and open source applications
--  Fast, simple client implementation for Value-Added Resellers (VARs)
    and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
When hosted by MARVELit, all relevant upgrades and patches will be installed with no additional cost. If it is hosted at the customer's location, then those same patches and upgrades will be free of charge but either automatically downloaded online or simply installed by the customer via CD. Additional appliances provide redundancy and scale.

Upcoming appliance product offerings to be launched in 2006 will include a search engine database appliance that will provide access to relational data (RDBMS) via a simple text search. Like the OpenReports DASH appliance, each additional appliance will mirror the same plug-and-play installation with minimal integration needs.

For additional OpenReports DASH information or an online demo, please visit or call 858-674-6623.

About MARVELit

Based in San Diego, Calif., with an office in Phoenix, Ariz., MARVELit is an Open Source Business Intelligence (BI) software provider for small to medium-sized businesses. The Java-based solution is available as a subscription-based appliance preconfigured with hardware/software and including unlimited support, and for free open source project download and modification at Using one of the world's most popular open source applications, OpenReports, MARVELit's BI solution includes preconfigured web-based executive dashboards, proactive alerts and automated reporting in a simple interface that allows deeper access to data. The company also provides comprehensive support and consultation services. Call 858-674-6623 for more information, or visit for a demonstration.

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