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Mary Margaret Park (MMP Publishing)

February 28, 2010 01:13 ET

Mary Margaret Park Photography for "Devil'z Hide: Rising" Series to Be Sourced to Local Missouri Studios Alongside Digital Distribution Preparations

"The Rapman's Attire" by Sekrett Scilensce to Include Dedicated St. Louis Styled Crossover Soul Hop Song

SAINT CHARLES, MO--(Marketwire - February 28, 2010) - (Kuneo Koei/MMP Publishing)Photography for the Mary Margaret Park psychological/survival horror series installment "Devil'z Hide: Rising" will be sourced to local Missouri photo-artists interested in developing imagery akin to depictions seen in films like that of David Lynch or in video-games such as the first and second Silent Hill releases.

Taking readers on a journey where the mind's eye is always blind, the Devil'z Hide series is being prepared for distribution to digital networks for devices such as the Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle.

"We're excited to bring the [Devil'z Hide] series into the digital realm," Author and Poet Mary Margaret Park explained. "We discussed making the new installments directly available via the main websites, but since we've had excellent reception to the shorts and related OST releases, putting our content on digital readers seemed natural."

With devices such as the Archos and iPad fairing only moderately with audiences -- (according to sources cited such as -- the Devil'z Hide development team remains optimistic about venturing into this fledgling market.

As the digital reader market matures, it's hoped to make way for enhanced technologies with lower price-points.

"We think it is only a matter of time before you'll get the hybrid iPhone, iPod, Kindle device," Composer and Producer Sekrett Scilensce explained. "The idea that we'll be offering non DRM PDFs alongside popular EPUB files complements our production effort, offering higher quality and value with ease of delivery."

In a related release note, Sekrett Scilensce has co-developed a song titled "In Saint Louis" along with Mary Margaret Park for the album "The Rapman's Attire," to be released as the last single from the EP's production schedule.

In their closing statement, the producers mentioned, "We'd like to have Ryan Callahan of Jupiter Studios perform video production for [The Rapman's Attire]; he lives in the St. Louis area and has a fine experimentalist quality in his demos. We've not engaged Herr Callahan at this time."

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